The Situation is Dire.


My WiFi is not letting me upload photos for today’s post,

and these are my I.T. guys:

As soon as the site unfreezes

(my backup plan is to rely on global warming)

I will have a an amazing story to tell you,

another mountain made outta my molehill life.

Winter Solstice All To Ourselves

We left the house at 3:40 PM and got to the edge of the Long Island Sound at 4:10 — barely in time to watch the sun set on the shortest day of the year.

Nobody else was on the beach, maybe because of the wind chill that made it feel as if it were 17 […]

People of the World, Listen Up.

I was talking to my brother yesterday about a mutual acquaintance.

OK, I was enumerating to my brother some of the dire personality flaws of this mutual acquaintance.

My brother interrupted me and asked, “Is he really that bad? Because, you know, you can be very critical.”

Critical? Moi? I said, “I’m not critical! I just happen to be […]

Memorial Day

James Alexander Malloy, C Co., 175th Infantry, 29th Division.

This is the last photo ever taken of Pvt. Malloy; it is May 1944 and he is in Cornwall, England, finishing up his training with the 29th Division for the invasion of Europe. He will go in on Omaha Beach on D-Day + 1, in what is […]

Happy New Year, and May We All Be As Happy As DoGs.

Top Cat and I took the hybrid upstate into the Northern Tier (of The Empire State) above the Snow Line. We went to the town of East Meredith to visit our canine cousins Malcom and Lily, and to toast the memory of one fine dog, Angus Braveheart. Here’s some Upstate New York Dog Happiness for you […]

DOG spelled backwards: A special post.

Angus, the Airedale in the middle (above), lives on a 70-acre estate [old farmland with woods and a pond] in upstate New York. He has been waging a valiant battle to recover from injuries that he sustained three weeks ago, probably from a hunter’s high powered rifle — it took Angus three days to crawl […]

Who Doesn’t Love a Pumpkin?

A squirrel loves a pumpkin.

Baby pumpkins love a pumpkin.  [All photos were taken Nov. 11, a warmish day that was just right for walking around the neighborhood peeping at pumpkins.]

Afternoon sunlight loves a pumpkin, or two, or four.

Pumpkins waiting for the mailman love a pumpkin.

Zombies love a pumpkin. Pumpkin innards remind them of human brains.

Peek-a-Boo pumpkins […]

November in a nutshell

November 1:  I’m excited about Fall, and ambitious. I’ll paint the most complicated leaves I can find.

November 7:   Ooooooo.  The first REDS.  There’s a leaf from the Japanese maple in the front yard in there, which has just turned from dull maroon into brilliant vivid crimson.

November 17:  Here’s how I learn all about BROWN, and […]

The truth about Long Island

My awesome weekend (con’t): Day Two, Saturday, Oct. 31

Here’s the most crucial thing you need to know about Long Island: the North Shore is New England, and the South Shore is New Jersey. Culturally, socially, and mall-wise; when you’re looking for a place to pimp your car, you head for the South Shore. When you’re […]

Tree lore

In India, the Buddha gained enlightenment under a bodhi tree around 2,500 years ago. for a thousand years, pilgrims to the “Buddha Tree” used to pluck a leaf from it until the tree died; if you go to the Mahabodhi Temple of the Buddha in Bodh Gaya you can now pay your respects to the second propagation of […]