Marrakech Local

This is a special LOVE edition of VivianSwiftBlog today because it was NINE YEARS ago today that Top Cat and I said I DO.

It was midnight in Las Vegas and Blue Suede Jumpsuit Elvis married us husband and wife. If I had known then what I know now, I would have [...]

The Room of One’s Own

There are two ways to see Monet’s garden at Giverny. You can see it from ground level…

..or you can climb a hill and see it from above. Either way…

…it’s quite a sight.

It’s been chilly here in Normandy, that is when the sun isn’t shining and warming you to your tootsies — those clouds can turn [...]

If only I drank beer…

…my life would be totally different.

That’s my¬† Deep Thought¬† for February.

Because if I drank beer ( a beverage I still can’t stand the taste of) when I went to Ireland, I would have spent more time in pubs getting drunk and flirting with black-haired blue-eyed Irishmen and less time doing this:

(Note: clever use of tea [...]