I Have an Announcement to Make

But first: Are you happy to see me or is that a wombat in your wheelbarrow?

This is the picture of Nigel English zoo keeper taking his friend Bob the Wombat, to his new habitat. Or maybe Nigel was taking Bob out as his good luck charm when he asks the cute lepidopterist a question about [...]

Here It Is: Your 2014 Champagne-O-Meter

Dear Readers, it’s Tuesday, a day of the week that is worth celebrating. Because if you are like me and see no reason to celebrate End-of-Weekend Sunday or Back-To-The-Grind Monday, then you know how very ready you are to praise the Wine Gods by Tuesday.

Dang. I forgot to put the bubbly in the fridge last [...]

My Favorite Breakfast of the Year

If it’s January 17, it must be left-over birthday cake:

As you Dear Readers may know, every January 16 I make a blue cake, which I wrote about last year in the post called

Blue in a Good Way:

This is my winning entry in the Ugly Cake Contest of 2013.

And I wrote about in [...]

In The Way Back Machine

It is December, 1966. I am ten years old and in sixth grade at North Willow Grove Elementary School. In a parallel universe there is a girl my age with perfect hair walking to school with her little sister:

In this parallel universe this girl’s name is Elizabeth Terry (although it appears that we use the [...]

Writing room

Date night, July, Manhattan:

Last Friday evening Top Cat swept me off to the Big City.

Fun Time Wedding Shower Takes to the Streets: The Bachelorette-of-Honor posing with New York’s Finest.

It was a beautiful time of day to be in the East Village.

I remember when I had a boyfriend who in the East Village it was [...]

I Probably Shouldn’t Show You this…

My June travels included a trip to Brooklyn, to the Museum of Art in that fair borough. Imagine my surprise when a tour bus pulled up to the entrance…Brooklyn? A tourist attraction? I’m so 1980s in my thinking, when I kew Brooklyn as an outer borough, home to the dreaded bridge and tunnel crowd. Now [...]

The Room of One’s Own

There are two ways to see Monet’s garden at Giverny. You can see it from ground level…

..or you can climb a hill and see it from above. Either way…

…it’s quite a sight.

It’s been chilly here in Normandy, that is when the sun isn’t shining and warming you to your tootsies — those clouds can turn [...]

The Long and Winding Road Down the Garden Path

If at first you don’t succeed, or if at second, third, and fourth you don’t succeed (see above) then pour yourself a nice big gin and tonic and sit around listening to sad songs (I prefer old Motown, the Temptations Since I Lost My Baby and the like) and feel sorry for yourself and seriously [...]

Dancing in the Streets

In addition to painting a big ole New Orleans French Quarter vue this week we will also be catching up on important issues of the day  which includes the recent appearance of a possible new member of our herd of backyard cats:

No, that’s not a new Wanderer, that’s just good ole house cat Penelope playing [...]

The road home from NOLA.

If you love the fleur-de-lis you’ll love New Orleans:

I don’t know if they put fleur-de-lis ornaments on their Christmas trees in France but I’m sure they do in New Orleans…

…because in New Orleans they put the fleur-de-lis on everything:

Neither the fleur-de-lis nor the famed New Orleans frame of mind (Laissez les bon temps [...]