What’s up with Boston?

My doctor told me that I have a Vitamin D deficiency so now that we’re back to Normal [Daylight Savings] Time I’m soaking up the sunshine of these fine early Spring days.

Meaning that when I make my afternoon G&T I take it outside and sit out in the backyard for the 11 minutes it takes for [...]

How I’m spending my Spring Vacation

Dear Diary, Saturday morning: Yay! It’s Saturday morning! Does Saturday count as my first day of vacation? I have the next two weeks OFF to stay home and work on my new book but I  usually get Saturday off any way, but it feelslike a vacation day so I’m going to count it as one. Yay! A [...]


My Job One on New Year’s Day is to count my blessings. By which I mean I framed my 2011 collection of feathers and added them to my gallery:

How does that saying go? …

Every feather tells a story.

Job Two is to count the days until the  American release of my Damn France Book   Le Road Trip. [...]

Great Great Great Great Great

There are only SEVEN days until I take off for my Great Tour of the Great Pacific Great Northwest.

And I should tell you all what I’m going to be telling the great people of the great Pacific Great Northwest, because the dear readers of this blog are the most important readers I have and you [...]

I am the Pin-Up Girl for Writerly Awesomeness!!

That’s me, Writer Extraordinaire.

For lo, did I maketh myself sit every night with my stack of copy edits, and verilydid I read every 20,000 of them, and I say unto you that I tooketh my Wite-Out and my Rapid-O-Graph pen and I raiseth my scissors and my tweezers, and yea did I make whatever corrections were [...]

Trade Secrets.

First, an announcment: I will be speaking at the Connnetquot Library on Long Island this Wednesday night, March 30, at 7PM. Come and see my multi-media extravaganza: slides, props, and, uh, some more slides.


Now, where we we?

When Top Cat and I were in France we re-lived our glory days by doing some hitch-hiking. This is a quick [...]

The Rites of Spring.

How was your first week of Spring?

On Monday, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Color in the landscape!

On Tuesday, here at Chateau du Chat, we dared to feel a little enlivened by the sun, even a little spiffy.

On Wednesday, the temperature soared into the high 60′s. Made us feel frisky.

Made us want to get all toesy.

Made us [...]

It’s time to choose.

OK, Damn France Book Focus Group, gather ’round.

Squint your eyes, or take off your glasses, or finish that coffee cup of breakfast tequila you’ve got by the keyboard there, whatever helps blur your vision enough so that when you take a look at the two covers that I’ve put together for your expert opinion you won’t notice [...]

My kind of place.

Bayeux, France is my kind of place.

I first read about it when I was ten years old, in the August 1966 issue of the National Geographic Magazine(the one that had a detail from the Bayeux Tapestry on the cover to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the Norman Conquest of 1066, when William the Duke of [...]

A map of my dreams.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a clear picture of how I was going to solve the problem of what to put on the cover of my Damn France Book.

Of course! I almost laughed out loud: It’s so obvious!!

And then two hours later I woke up again and couldn’t remember a [...]