Here Kitty, Kitty: How to Paint a Cat Part Three

So first, we drew le chat reduced to its lumpy, adorable snowman-like proportions:

Then I found an image of a really cuuuuute kitty on the internets:

She is of course la Lizzie Cosette of the marmeladegypsy blog.  I drew Lizzie in snowman-esq style, just to rough out her shape:

I filled in a few shadows, to familiarize [...]

How To [Not] Paint a Cat, Part Deux

So, it’s Friday evening and I’ve poured myself a nice cold of  Pinot G., and I’ve met my deadlines for the week (yes, Dear Readers, sometimes people actually pay me to write, even if it’s a fraction of what freelance writing used to be able to command back before blogging cheapened the value of the [...]

Yet another reason to wish I were Australian.

Yes, we will be painting together later in this post (it’s very looooooong today, go get a cup of tea) but first OMG OMG OMG I have to tell you about my visit with Neil DeGrasse Tyson:

When Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is not writing best selling books about astrophysics or dropping by The [...]

Why My Life Will Never Be On Reality TV.

Because instead of having rich friends who talk behind my back (which is why I LOVE The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York, Atlanta, OC, and NJ) I have cats who have no trouble getting in my face:

Also, I do not spend my days shopping or party planning. Instead, I spend my days sitting [...]

Helpful Hint of the Day: Do not teach your cat to fetch.

Good morning, my dear readers. It’s been a long, hard week, hasn’t it? As some of you know, I gave up my “work from home” status about a year ago to actually go to an office five days a week and on days like this, working for other people takes its toll. I’m wiped out today… 

…so that’s why [...]

Recipe for a perfect Winter day.

Recipe for a Perfect Winter Day

First, you need snow. Next, you need company.

The snow started after dark, in the wee hours of Saturday morning. So by the time we woke up we had FINALLY a blanket of Winter White to celebrate.

It’s been an extraordinarily mild Winter so far here on the Long Island Sound, so [...]

Don’t Give Me That Look.

Yo. Taffy and Lickety.

I know youse guys. The only reason you two stare like that is when there’s a big scary bug in the kitchen. Or a big scary bug in the livingroom. But you’re out on the back patio, for christ sake.  What on earth can you two nimrods be so engrossed with?

Oh. Wait. [...]

This picture makes me happy

This is Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, with his cat Cheddar.

Yes. The Prime Minister of Canada is a cat person. And if that were not reason enough to have some happy thoughts about Canada, here’s another one:

In Saskatchewan, Canada, this kind of hooded sweatshirt is called a bunny hug.

Bunny hug is my new [...]

Rainy day cats

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, Boy, that Vivian sure can wrap a hutch.

There was rain in the forecast for Sunday so even though I haven’t pinned up the sleeping bags yet, I got the hutch rain-proofed with three big-ass tarps wrapped around it (eight layers of tarp. Think that’s enough?) and then I put [...]

Stuff Happens in the Suburbs

Before I tell you the story about what I overheard from lurking behind my neighbor’s fence today, I have to give you the Millet Update. (Thanks, Carol, for identifying this mysterious growth on our back patio as millet. Sad thing is, I lived in a West African country for two years where millet was the [...]