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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

ChrisHanKwanSolstice love for all.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


For this year’s holiday card I did a four-panel ode to the four seasons:


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is a good recipe for art, too…I took two of my favorite paintings of the beautiful Long Island Sound in [...]

Monet’s pork chops.

If you’re like me (cranky, moody, envious, and fault-finding) you will take heart in the fact that even the great Claude Monet had a steep learning curve when it came to painting his now-famous water garden pictures at Giverny. Compare these two canvases:

The one on top is the very first picture that Monet painted of [...]

The Importance of Being Irving.


I did this for my new garden book, and  painted it big, although I intend to reproduce it in the garden book at this size:

Look familiar? Because it’s the same scene I painted for my first book, When Wanderers Cease to Roam (for those of you reading along, it’s on page 78):

Two reasons for doing [...]

First Things First, Unless They Come Second.

Since the world revolves around me, let me say that there are two kinds of readers in the world: Those who read my first book first…

Scenes from When Wanderers Cease to Roam

…and think that When Wanderers Cease to Roam is the kind of book I should always write…

More scenes from When Wanderers Cease [...]

Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.

Oh Jeeze. Oh Mine DoG. I am turning into a public radio pledge drive.

So just picture me, please, trying to be witty and hip and non-profit while whining about how much I mean to you all, especially you all who can do me a solid right here, right now. And by that I mean all youse who are [...]

The Great Pacific Great Northwest Tour, Part Two

So every one’s been asking me to tell all about THE BOOK EVENTS. What is it like to put yourself in front of real, live, authentic Pacific Northwest readers???

It is intimidating. I must admit that although I am not usually nervous about public speaking — I mean really: are you kidding? There is nothing I [...]

The Great Pacific Great Northwest Tour, Part One

The alarm rang at 4:30AM on Monday, May 16, 2011. We arrived at JFK airport at 6:25, and when the Delta baggage checkers asked us where we were going and we said, “Seattle“, I must admit that I felt cool. We got on the plane at 7:45 and I was grateful that even though I had the [...]

Travel Tips

Two days until I take off for the Great Pacific Great Northwest Tour to give the Great Pacific Great Northwest a piece of my mind. They need me out there, they need my tips for happiness and stuff.

My Travel Tips for Staying Put, of course.

What? You don’t know my famous Travel Tips for Staying Put? [...]

Drastic art journal.

It’s February, the dead of Winter, a month of such sensory-deprivation that it can make you a little crazy. It can drive you to make drastic travel plans.

Well, that’s what I wrote (on page 31, see above) in my book, about the February of 1985 when I made the most drastic travel plans of my [...]

Winter Mind.

It snowed during the night again. My Champagne-O-Meter had a new-fallen cap of powder on him.

The new snow covered up the trail of grimy footprints between the garage and the shed. It is surprising how much dirt those little bitty cat feet can track to and fro. It starts like this, with somebody (in this [...]