Eye of the storm!

Heeding all the dire warnings about the on-coming blizzard that would paralyze the entire northeastern corridor of the United States of America (last Friday), I set up the Champagne-o-Meter at dawn:

But the morning’s flurry did not last, and it mostly rained all day until around 3 o’clock in the afternoon:

Then the snow stated coming down, [...]

I wish it would snow.

Yes, you read that right. I wish it would snow.

I should have put a P.S. to last week’s post to let you all know that our Winter of 2012 was over by Monday afternoon, when a warm 50-degree rain banished any hint of Wonderland. Now all I see when I look at our backyard is [...]

Recipe for a perfect Winter day.

Recipe for a Perfect Winter Day

First, you need snow. Next, you need company.

The snow started after dark, in the wee hours of Saturday morning. So by the time we woke up we had FINALLY a blanket of Winter White to celebrate.

It’s been an extraordinarily mild Winter so far here on the Long Island Sound, so [...]

These Halcyon days.

I’m writing this on Thursday, Dec. 22, the first day of Winter. So you know what that means: I danced to the light of the Solstice Moon last night!

Welcome to the Halcyon Days!

What’s the Halcyon Days, you ask?

Halcyon is a name for a bird of Greek legend which is commonly associated with the kingfisher. The [...]

The Blizzard of October

It began in the middle of Saturday morning. A heavy, cold, fat rain pelting down with bits of snow-slush stuff that began to accumulate on the ground. That’s what the freak Northeastern snow storm of October 29 looked like here on the north shore of Long Island.

Yes. Snow. And most of our trees haven’t even [...]

The last snow day.

March 6, Sunday. There is a bit of rain in the forecast. It’s going to be windy, about 50 degrees, cloudy, with rain in the afternoon. So Penelope starts her watch (for rains):

I go into the backyard, to do some first-hand meteorology.


It looks like rain.

And it’s so warm that I think to myself, “Somebody better [...]

Outside/Inside Looking In/Out.

I have a Picture Window in my den. (Do people still call this kind of window a Picture Window? I grew up calling any window that had one big plane of glass in it a Picture Window, but I think the term is outdated now, a relic of the ’60s, because I watch a lot of HG [...]

Long Island Colding

Another Winter storm on its way, another Champagne-O-Meter:

 Good thing we live on Long Island, that is to say in the Greater New York City area, because hen the weatherman here says it will start to snow at 7PM, it starts to snow at 7PM.     Sharp.

That is, 7PM after dark , which is why I only have [...]

This is more like it!

We did not know anything about a blizzard heading our way on the Long Island Sound until we heard about it on the Sunday morning news. 800 flights canceled! 1400 flights cancelled! 2000 flights cancelled! Winds at 50 miles per hour! Road crews on 24-hour alert!  Travel warnings on all major highways on Long Island! [...]

Yo! Ma Nature! I’m still WAITING!

The first snow of the season snuck last Sunday night, Dec. 13.  (That’s Bibs, the truly feral cat, sitting in the hutch in the backyard, the one that  is wrapped with four tarps on the outside and inside is a cocoon of two down-filled sleeping bags with a fleecy tie-dye cushion squished behind the Plexiglas [...]