Marrakech Express.

Marrakech in five words: Not My Cup of Tea.

I had some trepidations about going to Morocco, alone, having had some previous experience traveling in African and Moslem countries which, being female and an animal lover, did not bode well for this trip. So that’s why I only gave myself 48 hours in Marrakech. It was [...]

There’s Nothing Like a Nice Cup of Tea

This is how I started almost every day that I was in Paris these past two weeks:

I would go to my local cafe and have a nice little pot of tea with tartine (buttered baguette with jam) and plan my day’s outings with the aid of my outstanding booklet of detailed maps of Paris’ 20 [...]

Back to basics.

I keep track of these things, so I know for a fact that the first perfect day of the year won’t get here for another ten weeks. Statistically, the First Perfect Day of the Year arrives on the Long Island Sound on May 14. Until then, I plan on being in a bad mood.

But it’s [...]

I love rainy days.

Even in Winter, I love rainy days.

It’s been a very rainy week here on the Long Island Sound and I have loved it. I love the way that there is nothing about Winter that enhances the experience of rain.

It’s cold. The trees are bare, the shrubs are scrawny, the grass is dead, landscape is practically [...]

Gone with the rain.

Ah, the color of memories.

Remember the warm rosy glow of those lingering Summer twilights?

Well, there’s a new ray of light in town.

Last weekend I bundled up and bustled out to the local stately mansion (the deserted old manor house of the renowned American man of lettres, William Cullen  Bryant) to catch the very last gasp [...]


This is how I spent my Hurricane Weekend:

On Saturday, representing the Marlin Clan of Edinburgh and Pennsylvania (Huguenots who emigrated to Scotland in 1548), Yours Truly attended The Scottish Games on Long Island.

Yes, those are the storm clouds of Irene.

But what do I care????

As it was said (all over the Games): We Scots Eat Hurricanes [...]

The meaning of rainy days.

Thank you, dear readers, for your wonderful notes regarding your Certificates of Catology.¬†You should all celebrate your expertise and take pride in your achievement. And yes, those little cat portraits on your certificates of appreciation are reproduced the same size that I painted them. And yes, they are all my cats — maybe you’ll recognize [...]