Fleurs Fleurs Fleurs

I promised Top Cat that I WOULD NOT DIGRESS while I take you to Monet’s famous garden in Giverny (Normandy, France).

I promise to Keep It Short since my previous reports (last week and the week before) on my recent visit to France have been rather wordy and some readers [Top Cat] say I make it [...]

The Long and Winding Road Down the Garden Path

If at first you don’t succeed, or if at second, third, and fourth you don’t succeed (see above) then pour yourself a nice big gin and tonic and sit around listening to sad songs (I prefer old Motown, the Temptations Since I Lost My Baby and the like) and feel sorry for yourself and seriously [...]

Dancing in the Streets

In addition to painting a big ole New Orleans French Quarter vue this week we will also be catching up on important issues of the day  which includes the recent appearance of a possible new member of our herd of backyard cats:

No, that’s not a new Wanderer, that’s just good ole house cat Penelope playing [...]



Isn’t that why we paint? Or is that why we travel? Or both? This week’s watercolor demonstration will be all about escape — because you know what they say: painting your dream hidden garden is almost as good as escaping into your dream hidden garden. I’ve been back from New Orleans a whole [...]

The road home from NOLA.

If you love the fleur-de-lis you’ll love New Orleans:

I don’t know if they put fleur-de-lis ornaments on their Christmas trees in France but I’m sure they do in New Orleans…

…because in New Orleans they put the fleur-de-lis on everything:

Neither the fleur-de-lis nor the famed New Orleans frame of mind (Laissez les bon temps [...]