How To [Not] Paint a Cat, Part Deux

So, it’s Friday evening and I’ve poured myself a nice cold of  Pinot G., and I’ve met my deadlines for the week (yes, Dear Readers, sometimes people actually pay me to write, even if it’s a fraction of what freelance writing used to be able to command back before blogging cheapened the value of the [...]

Penultimate Summer Post

It’s good to be back just in time for my penultimate Summer post! During my two-week break I went to the annual Long Island Scottish Games Festival at Old Westbury Gardens (that’s a dog in a kilt, above). It’s always good to hang with my peeps, the Scottish, the most fun-loving, light-hearted, sober people on [...]

It’s True. I Paint Like a Writer.

Yes, we will be painting together in this post just like olde tymes. But first: YAAAAAA-HOOOOOOOO!!!!! No More Damn DOMA!!!!  Slowly, slowly, this country will be dragged, kicking and screaming, into Enlightenment.  And to the Christian lady from Philadelphia on NPR who said that the Bible says that marriage is between a man [...]