It’s All About Me. Again.


My first-ever show of my art work will be held in that little village on the Long Island Sound — Pelham, New York — next month, so I’ve been going through all the original illustrations from my book lately.  It’s the first time I’ve taken a real good look at When Wanderers Cease to Roam, […]

Last Friday Night on Long Island

Actual Manhattan cocktail in actual Chinese restaurant on Long Island. I ordered a Manhattan because I thought it would be funny. You know, drinking a MANHATTAN on LONG ISLAND. Ha ha.

This might become my new thing.  I could become  “That lady who sits in the Chinese restaurant off Exit 37 on the Long Island Expressway […]

Whose HouseThis Is, I Think I Know.

This is the most boring house in America. I live on Long Island, so I should know from boring suburban tract housing.

I walk past this house many days, on my mosey to the library where I put books on tape for The Blind, the blood donation center where I give my O+, the children’s hospital […]

The Cyst That Hums

We all know that “ear worm” is a song you can’t get out of your head.

“Earworm” is German, of course. Because the French would have come up with something sexier, the Italians with something more edible, and the English with something less disgusting.

But we’re Americans, dammit, and we’re going to call it something STUPID.

My suggestion is […]

What Is It That Comes On Little Cat Feet? Duh. Little Cats.

Robert Frost, of course,  wrote that it was the fog that “comes on little cat feet”.  But at my house,  one day last Summer, JOY came in on little cat  feet.


Nose count: Taffy, Lickety, and Butterboy with Mom Cat.

Nap time:

Family Dinner (that’s Dad Cat — Blackie —  in back):

Catching grasshoppers:

Taffy with a toy mousie:

This is my […]

Quince for Tea

I vacuumed the livingroom rug yesterday, which earned me a thousand billion points of Earthly Worth.

So of course I deserved to fix myself an extra special tea time treat today — that’s QUINCE JELLY on my English muffin, from the Tabora Farm and Orchard in Chalfont, PA. According to new FCC rules, I have to […]

Tree lore

In India, the Buddha gained enlightenment under a bodhi tree around 2,500 years ago. for a thousand years, pilgrims to the “Buddha Tree” used to pluck a leaf from it until the tree died; if you go to the Mahabodhi Temple of the Buddha in Bodh Gaya you can now pay your respects to the second propagation of […]

I live in a 100-year old house. That means my yard has 100-year old trees.

We had to cut down a tree today. It was old, and parts of it were already falling onto the roof when you least expected it, and the tree doctor said it was rotting from the inside. Still, you hate to lose a tree.

This was the tree whose leaves were the first to drop, the […]