It's all about me. Again.


My first-ever show of my art work will be held in that little village on the Long Island Sound — Pelham, New York — next month, so I’ve been going through all the original illustrations from my book lately.  It’s the first time I’ve taken a real good look at When Wanderers Cease to Roam, [...]

You called, I answered.


The first anniversary of my book’s publication is next week. So I’ve been thinking lately what difference it’s made in my life to have a BOOK about MY LIFE out there in the world.

ha ha. I said “lately”: “I’ve been thinking lately…”

Actually, I think about this ALL THE TIME. If you and I were having [...]

Last Friday night on Long Island, Part Three

Me and Top Cat, we’re an old married couple.  In that we’re old and we’re married: we tied the knot in Las Vegas five years ago after dating for a year. We were so much in love that it only took an hour to hash out the pre-nup.  And ever since that magical moment when the [...]

Last Friday night on Long Island, Part Two

This might become my new thing.  I could become  “That lady who sits in the Chinese restaurant off Exit 37 on the Long Island Expressway on Friday night drinking Manhattans”.  Of course, I’d rather be  “That lady who writes those books that all of America loves”  but the ways things are going I’ll probably need a Plan B [...]

Whose house this is, I think I know.

This is the most boring house in America. I live on Long Island, so I should know from boring suburban tract housing.

I walk past this house many days, on my mosey to the library where I put books on tape for The Blind, the blood donation center where I give my O+, the children’s hospital [...]

The Cyst That Hums

My last post brought up the term “earworm” in the Comments section to describe a song you can’t get out of your head. “Earworm” is German, of course. Because the French would have come up with something sexier, the Italians with something more edible, and the English with something less disgusting.

But we’re Americans, dammit, and [...]

Last Friday night on Long Island

My husband is out of town this week and as he does the cooking, Friday night rolled around and all of a sudden I realized I was hungry for dinner. Hungry, like, right now. Hungry like I couldn’t even wait to check out the pantry (Is that what you call it? The place where the nice [...]

What is it that comes on little cat feet?

Robert Frost, of course,  wrote that it was the fog that “comes on little cat feet”.  But at my house,  one day last Summer, JOY came in on little cat   feet.


Nose count: Taffy, Lickety, and Butterboy with Mom Cat.

Nap time:

Family Dinner (that’s Dad Cat — Blackie –  in back):

Catching grasshoppers:

Taffy with a toy mousie:

This is my [...]

The dogs that a cat person could love

If you’re a “cat person”, you know what I’m talking about. You meet somebody at a party, or you’re introduced to a new co-worker, or you get in a conversation with the guy next to you on a plane, etc.  Somehow, the fact that you have cats comes up (as in my case, when I [...]

An invitation to tea:

I vacuumed the livingroom rug yesterday, which earned me a thousand billion points of Earthly Worth. So of course I deserved to fix myself an extra special tea time treat today — that’s QUINCE JELLY on my English muffin, from the Tabora Farm and Orchard in Chalfont, PA. According to new FCC rules, I have [...]