On the cusp of Winter

This is what it looks like on the outside:

We had a very balmy weekend here on the Long Island Sound — our last chance (we think) of taking a long walk at sunset to enjoy the scenery without getting frostbite. We’ve has such a lovely Fall here this year. . .

,. . . but in [...]

Quest for Quince

If you’re hankering for quince jelly this Thanksgiving (and who isn’t?)  run, don’t walk, to the nearest Western Beef.

Western Beef is a grocery store, in case you didn’t know. It’s full of delicacies from around the [Third] world. Look for it on the wrong side of the tracks. No, really.

Here in Nassau  County Long Island, [...]

Ode to a bathrobe

It’s grey and cold today, and almost all the trees are bare (there are a few leaves that  think November is the Alamo and are making their brave, but  doomed, last stand).  The light is already dim and it’s only noon, and this is the last possible to day to goof off before the serious pre-Thanksgiving [...]

What cats really think

“See? See? Those damn Twilight vampires aren’t the only ones who sparkle in the daylight.”

“It’s not so bad being between a rock and a hard place as long as you have a nice big butt for a cushion.”

“In the future, every cat will be famous for fifteen minutes on YouTube.”

“I’m only coming to your Thanksgiving dinner [...]

Listening is an act of love.

When you live in a 100-year old house, there are things that go bump in the night REAL LOUD. 

Two months ago there was an eerie CRASH at 2 AM.  Top Cat and I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, thinking that the cats had somehow gotten the keys to the car and revved up the [...]

A new leaf

Wait a damn minute: Is that a pun? IS THAT A  PUN?

I hate puns!  

There’s a guy on our local NPR station who has a daily two-hour talk show,   an insightful interviewer and charming, sonorous conversationalist.  I listen to him almost every day — I’m a big fan.  But he insists, every once in a while, on [...]

From when I lived closer to the ground

You might recognize these elements from the June chapter of When Wanderers Cease to Roam. In my book, June is a month in flight — lots of birds and insects on my mind, floating in air as thick as the honey smells of Summer.

But June is also for remembering when you lived closer to the [...]



To Summer, hot nights, heartbeats, and halos.

One of the reasons I like to paint small pictures is because I think like a quilt maker. I like taking itty bitty bits and piecing them together to construct a larger narrative, like a quilt maker who selects a pattern and a color scheme before she begns to [...]

Who doesn't love a moose?

I don’t know about you, but I’m still laughing about those pumpkin loving-moose in Alaska (Thanks, Michelle, for that story [see below]).  As a former Alaskan and an alum of A. J. Dimond High in Anchorage  (I was there for tenth grade in 1970) I want to say that I’ve seen moose stroll through the [...]

Me to the rescue.

I drove across the Whitestone Bridge today to go to my favorite thrift shop In. The. World.  It used to be such a dump that you never knew what you’d find in the piles of junk — vintage cashmere and mink sweaters for $8.00, 1950′s era tid bit trays, opalescent cocktail glasses, blue jay statues, [...]