A story for New Year's Eve eve

New Year’s Eve, sometime in the late 1990′s, somewhere on the northern shore of the Long Island Sound. I am a guest at a small dinner party — I don’t have a date, but that’s OK because I have already accepted the fact that I am going to die alone and unloved in my wine-stained bathrobe in [...]

This picture makes me happy

This is the house on the corner of MacDougall Street and Bingham Avenue, about six blocks from my house on Long Island. I would be happy to live across the street from this house just so I could look out my livingroom window and see this Wonder Wall every day. As it is I have [...]

Spam and Peas, Ice Cream and Pickles

Some things just go together.

Milk and cookies, pretzels and mustard, cream cheese and celery, Lennon and McCartney, butter and biscuits, etc.

And now, let me present to you,  Cinnamon (on the left) and Butterscotch (on the right).

My most delicious candy recipe is: Combine one Cinnamon Life Saver with one Butter Rum Life Saver for a taste treat that [...]

All us Druids are a little hung over today.

All that Solstice grog. Whew. All that Druid family drama. WHEW.

It all started when crazy cousin Biff started to air his grievances. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festivus.

“Yo,” I said to crazy cousin Biff, “In this family, we keep the i in Druid in Solstice!

I really told HIM.

Ah, the holidays.

Happy Holidays, my dear readers, Happy Holidays.

I know how busy we all are, [...]

Light and Snow Show

Saturday, December 19: It started snowing at 2:30 in the afternoon.

This is my 11-inch snowman at 3:30:

4:30 (it was dark already by then):






And then I said “Oh, the hell with it. I’m not trudging out there in snow up to my knees.”

And first thing next morning, I went out in search of the disappeared snowman:

I [...]

Party Time

I am a little bleary-eyed this morning. I went to my agent’s Holiday Party last night in Manhattan (those blue roses were the centerpiece on the hors d’ouvres table — it was that kind of party) and rubbed elbows with literary people. Literally: I RUBBED ELBOWS with one of my writing heros: Neil deGrasse Tyson.


Neil deGrasse [...]

DOG spelled backwards: A special post.

Angus, the Airedale in the middle (above), lives on a 70-acre estate [old farmland with woods and a pond] in upstate New York. He has been waging a valiant battle to recover from injuries that he sustained three weeks ago, probably from a hunter’s high powered rifle — it took Angus three days to crawl [...]

Let Yourself Go!

Booty from my latest thrift shop expedition:

Long have I wished that I had not cut up a certain snazzy vintage LP cover  to make a crappy collage in 1996. I’ve regretted that I hacked up the hipster-ish lettering,  and that I can no longer enjoy the sight of a guy who looks like a golf pro at some [...]

How NOT to be a Poodle

There is a saying in writer’s workshops:

Kill All Your Poodles.

A “Poodle” is some bit of wordcraft that you, their writer, are in love with; a sentence or metaphor that you wrote and think is precious. “Wow,” you say to yourself, “Nobody has ever written anything more beautiful in the English language than what I just wrote [...]

Precious Moments, Part Two

I did not know that my book was going to be reviewed by Nancy Pearl, the book maven of NPR, on Morning Edition this morning (Dec. 10, 2009) so I didn’t get to hear my name LIVE on the radio — but the tape was   pretty damn exciting. Here’s the link to the conversaton that [...]