If Only I Drank Beer.

…my life would be totally different.

That’s my  Deep Thought  for February.

Because if I drank beer ( a beverage I still can’t stand the taste of) when I went to Ireland, I would have spent more time in pubs getting drunk and flirting with black-haired blue-eyed Irishmen,  and less time doing this:

(Note: clever use of tea […]

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

Don’t Cry For Me  Por Favor-hor: These are my working conditions. (Sob.) I have to paint around big fat furry kitty butts.

But I digress. The thing I wanted to discuss today was something that nobody ever told me about getting older. Which is, the older you get, the more things make you cry. What is […]

Winter Looks Pretty Good From the Inside.

January dawn light, through frost-covered windows, shines onto my bedroom curtains,

and makes me remember this light on a dusky winter walk a few days before, in upstate New York:

When the sun unexpectedly shone for a bright moment on a snowy day in upstate New York, I ran to this window:


That same sun beam was lighting up this […]

Happy New Year, and May We All Be As Happy As DoGs.

Top Cat and I took the hybrid upstate into the Northern Tier (of The Empire State) above the Snow Line. We went to the town of East Meredith to visit our canine cousins Malcom and Lily, and to toast the memory of one fine dog, Angus Braveheart. Here’s some Upstate New York Dog Happiness for you […]