If only I drank beer…

…my life would be totally different.

That’s my  Deep Thought  for February.

Because if I drank beer ( a beverage I still can’t stand the taste of) when I went to Ireland, I would have spent more time in pubs getting drunk and flirting with black-haired blue-eyed Irishmen and less time doing this:

(Note: clever use of tea [...]

He's a Guinea Pig, and his name is Chumley.

Panda and Cindy were peering under the stove this morning. If you have cats then you know what that means, when they suddenly sit very still and stare under the [fill in the blank: stove, couch, closed door, dry sink, etc.]

It means that they’ve cornered something (alive) that you don’t want to know about.

After I [...]

And then she said, "That's not a tautology, it's a vacuous set!" Ha ha hahahahahahah!

Information. That’s what I want to talk about today: the artist’s obligation to give the people some information. Something. Anything. But something.

Kurt Vonnegut wrote what I think is a very sophisticated (all the more so for being 29 words long) critique of Jackson Pollack, whose stuff he did not like “except possibly as textile designs.” [...]

Making sausage. I mean ART.

I was walking through the small town of Azay le Rideau in the Loire Valley in France early one morning and I stopped to look in the window of a souvenir shop. You can see why: there was a CAT in the window, studiously ignoring me, waiting for the shop owner to come to work [...]

Get out your handkerchiefs

Don’t Cry For Me  Por Favor-hor: These are my working conditions. (Sob.) I have to paint around big fat furry kitty butts.

But I digress. The thing I wanted to discuss today was something that nobody ever told me about getting older. Which is, the older you get, the more things make you cry. What is [...]

The Breakfast of Champions


Left over blue birthday cake and lots of vitamin Champagne. Thank you everyone, for your Happy B-Day wishes — Top Cat tells me that I share the day with Sade, Kate Moss, Ruth Reichl, Ethel Merman, and the guy who invented the Zamboni, whose name was Mr. Zamboni.

I couldn’t be prouder, as if having the same [...]

Baby Steps, Ugly Baby Steps

This is a really crappy painting of mine that I call The Lone Skater.

It is the approx. size of a Triscuit, but we ran out of Triscuits so here it is with a Tostito.

This was one of the first watercolor paintings that I did, ever, about five years ago when I started working on [...]

Whiter shades of pale

My mission: to make some art journal pages about my snowy weekend in the country based on my love of paint chip brochures from Home Depot.

Step One: Paint some pictures of my weekend in the country. Those are the paintings, above, in the order that I painted them. Each one is the approx. size of a Triscuit (see above [...]

Winter Whites and Weekend Blues

January dawn light, through frost-covered windows, shines onto my bedroom curtains,

and makes me remember this light on a dusky winter walk a few days before, in upstate New York:

When the sun unexpectedly shone for a bright moment on a snowy day in upstate New York, I ran to this window:

That same sun beam was lighting up this [...]

Put Down That Art Journal


Not to pick on any specific “How To” book on Making Journals, Scrapbooks, and Albums Beautiful, but this (see above) is the kind of craft project that is ruining a generation of art journalists. Besides instructions on how to splatter, carve, scrape, rip, applique, and glue all kinds of material (and paint) onto the blank [...]