Show Me, Show Me, Show Me

Maybe I’m dense, writes a reader about my post last week “Queen For a Day”, but I don’t really understand (in concrete terms) what you mean by showing vs. telling in writing. Could you give an example?

Thank you for calling me out on this — I agree with you: I have a lot of nerve [...]

Ride a painted pony

This is what I do when I want to meditate: I paint brick work. And when I say “meditate”, I mean “sit hunched over little bitty pieces of paper concentrating on each and every brushstroke because my back has been in a spasm for three days and I can’t sit up straight anyway”.

These are windows [...]

Queen of the Road

Caption: Doris (clutching her handbag) wasn’t the only one who dreaded the days when it was Vivan’s turn to host the Book Club.

Yes, that was me, not showing up for my Friday blog last week: I’m so sorry about that. I kept meaning to get to it but I had sooooo much to deal with — it [...]

Show and Tell

I took a long bus ride last Saturday, from Long Island to upstate New York (6 hours). I like long bus rides; they are especially good for shaking me out of a rut and for the past week I’ve been in deep rut territory, stuck on the same two pages of text in my Damn [...]

Monday morning!

Good morning, Top Cat here.

Vivian is out of town, picking up fresh dirt. What a surprise, she doesn’t have software cookies, so you got me steering the boat.  She will be back here, if  you can count on Greyhound, with a whole batch of newsworthy info on wednesday.  There has been a total barage of [...]

Art Journal Dirt

Here’s the Art Journal Secret of the day: You can’t money your way to creativity.

There are lots of people out there on the fringes of the art journaling community who want to sell you stuff to “help” you be more creative. They want you to believe that you’d be another Picasso (or Matisse, or Wyeth [...]

I Should Have Known Better

I should have known better. I really should. I’ve been this way for 54 years and I should have known better: I am not a joiner. I don’t like clubs, committees, coffee clatches, or consciousness-raising groups. So why, o why, did I say yes when I was asked to join a group of women who were [...]

Self Help

This is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who got her calling (to kill vampires with a big pointy stick) when she was in high school. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer was only the best TV show in history, and it ran on Fox from 1997-2003. ) My favorite Buffy moment was the one where she was cornered in a [...]

Art Journal Secret No.1-and-a-half

We got slammed by another Winter storm last Thursday. I was caught unawares (without champagne) because I didn’t believe all that hype about a “monster storm” coming our way — February has a way of dulling one’s sense of drama.  (This is Candy and Butter, two of my backyard-in-the-basement cats testing out the new snowfall. [...]