Foul-mouthed, pessimistic, alcoholic, and out of shape.

Those were the words (above) of a New York Times book reviewer in 2008, describing a new novel by a Scottish author about modern day Scotland. I read the book — it was melodramatic and predictable — but I cherished this four-word description of the Scottish National Character.  Call me melodramatic but when I’m an [...]

I’m a work in progress. Ha ha.



This is my Damn France Book in progress: a file folder for each chapter plus a few more for misc. notes about France and travel and publisher business stuff that I need to keep track of.  My spiffy Reebok shoe box lets me keep all that flotsam in one, portable place.

The publisher wants to keep the [...]

Somewhere Back in the Long Ago

If they ever perfect time travel I hope I never meet myself in 1981.

In fact, if they ever perfect time travel I’m pretty sure I don’t want to meet myself at any time before my 30th birthday. Let’s just say that my 20s were a very ditzy time for me. I didn’t go to college: I worked [...]

Vive la France!

Top Cat answered the phone this afternoon and came upstairs to hand it to me: “It’s Betsy,” he said. Betsy’s my agent. She only calls when she has really good or really bad news. And we’ve been waiting for three weeks to hear from Bloomsbury  about their final decision about my Damn France Book…

And the [...]