Memorial Day too

My mother doesn’t want me to tell you this story. She thinks it makes me look kind of like a jerk, or at least un-ladylike. But I made a vow (see my post from Nov. 2, 2009: Why Rich People Annoy Me, Part One; skip down thru my thrift shopping report to where I dig [...]

Memorial Day

James Alexander Malloy, C Co., 175th Infantry, 29th Division.

This is the last photo ever taken of Pvt. Malloy; it is May 1944 and he is in Cornwall, England, finishing up his training with the 29th Division for the invasion of Europe. He will go in on Omaha Beach on D-Day + 1, in what is [...]

In which I win the Crap Sweepstakes

Where were we?

Oh, right: on Version 4 of the Street in St.-Malo (above).

And of course there’s a Version 5 (pre-crop, below):

I have every faith that there will be Versions 6, 7, and 8 in my near future, because I’ve done this before. myself crazy trying to illustrate something that is way out of my league, [...]

Painting with Anteaters

Back on April 9 I blogged about the uglitude  that was pouring out of me every time I tried to paint this street scene of Me and Top Cat strolling down an early evening street in the lovely little town of St.-Malo, Normandy (France).

That (above) was my first try.

This (below) was my second try. (Cropping it didn’t [...]

Profound Stuff I Am Thinking About

I have deep thoughts, many many deep thoughts. Just this morning I had a revelation about cold cereal.

I don’t usually eat cold cereal in the morning, for stylistic reasons. If you have ever worked in an office then you know how disgusting it is when you have to look at your co-workers hunched over their [...]

All Kinds of Rain (Art Journal Tip of the Day)


It’s cold here on the Isle of Long and by coldI mean turn-the-electric-blankie-on and thaw out my freezing tootsies cold. And in the past week it’s rained every other day, a bone-chilling-cold-dismal-drippy rain.

Which makes me want to tell you all everything I know about rain (see above).

A few years ago I really don’t know all [...]

This picture makes me happy:


Is this a great picture or what?

My work on That Damn France Book is stalled for the time being — pleasantly stalled, but still stalled — because I’m waiting to hear from my publisher about trim size.

Trim size is something novelists and people who write real books don’t have to worry about. But, sigh…it’s something [...]

Great minds thinking alike

I collect old guide books because, well, I don’t read fiction so that doesn’t leave a whole lot else to read. Ha ha!

Usually I collect guidebooks from the 1950s – 1970s, to reminisce about how you used to be able to get a hotel room in London for a pound and a whole French dinner [...]

Yet another reason why I’m always in a bad mood

But first, another helpful and non-ironic tip about Hanging In There.

I started this little painting of a woods in Brittany, from memory, for my latest project, That Damn France Book (chapter five). I hate painting from memory, because I paint in as realistic a style as possible and memory (it seems to me) seems better suited for [...]