Stuff Happens in the Suburbs

Before I tell you the story about what I overheard from lurking behind my neighbor’s fence today, I have to give you the Millet Update. (Thanks, Carol, for identifying this mysterious growth on our back patio as millet. Sad thing is, I lived in a West African country for two years where millet was the [...]

Still laughing after all these years.

Nut, meet shell: Power is back on, cable is out, can’t access photos, this post is all words.

OK, now that we’re all caught up (I’m sorry I can’t show you photos of big trees laying down in places where they ought’nt be) I have one or two observations on life that I’ve learned in the [...]

Power Out!

Since 3:15 Sunday afternoon: the thunderstorm that ripped across the Long Island Sound left many downed trees, which take the power lines with them when they fall. Please check back here tomorrow — if we get the lights back on, I’ll have a new post for you.

Rich girl

There’s a corner of our backyard that I don’t let Top Cat mow. Now that’s it’s the middle of July the growth is crazy — shoulder-high in places. I call this wildness  “The Meadow”. This is a peek of it on the edge of our second patio, where we put the bird feeders. Birds, you might not know, [...]

Stay focused.

It’s hot here on Long Island. 100 degrees hot. And Top Cat and I are too snotty to use air conditioning because it doesn’t go with our judgemental attitude against all our maniac pampered Styrofoam-McMansion central-air/Hummer driving/labradoodling neighbors. We have plenty of better, alternative, zero-carbon ways to stay cool.

The one in  front is my in-house air conditioning [...]

Once upon a time in 1985…

I was living in the Middle East (I’m leaving the exact location vague, for narrative reasons) as a pit stop on an around-the-world trip I never finished (having started in Ireland, with a one-way ticket from New York, six months previously). I’d packed a set of watercolor paints (see photo) and a sketch book, thinking that people who [...]

Once upon a time.

I kept telling my husband that I had Arm Cancer. All of a sudden, about seven weeks ago, my left arm began to hurt. I couldn’t pin point the pain but it was bad enough that I stopped using it to lift, pull, or push anything – which is very inconvenient seeing as how I’m left handed. I couldn’t even [...]

What’s mine is MINE.

I’ll get back to this in a sec. But first I have to show you the marvelous cloud that drifted into my backyard yesterday:

 I know! It’s Sistine Chapel-ready!

Back to the topic at hand.

On Monday I wrote about the creepiest celebrity experience I’ve ever had in my life, and someone calling herself “Terry” posted a comment [...]