It’s a rainy day AND a Monday

I don’t know what gets into this computer-machine sometimes…it’s sending me all kinds of information that I don’t need. I don’t need shopping tips, I don’t need advise on how to make a lot of money AT HOME (honestly, if I wanted to make MONEY I wouldn’t be wasting my time sitting here writing a [...]

Harvest Moon

Last night’s Harvest Moon rose at 6:49, just minutes before the official sun set. Top Cat and I were watching for it from the best vantage point in our hometown:

From the parking lot of the train station.

I am very attracted to parking lots. I like their geometry, and I like their sense of space. I [...]

The difference between writing and painting:

Most people live in an Either/Or world. Take my friend Wanda [Not her real name. I mean, seriously: Wanda?): she talks to me about her life and all her problems, and it seems to me that all her agony stems from the fact that when she has to make a choice, she always frames it as an [...]

A light or two less

That’s my motto for September: Every day, there’s a light or two less. In September it’s the sunsets that matter to me — as if by watching each one I can make the day last a moment or two longer even if I can’t stop the earth from turning away from the sun.

Exactly five years [...]

Rainy day cats

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, Boy, that Vivian sure can wrap a hutch.

There was rain in the forecast for Sunday so even though I haven’t pinned up the sleeping bags yet, I got the hutch rain-proofed with three big-ass tarps wrapped around it (eight layers of tarp. Think that’s enough?) and then I put [...]

Signs of the times.

Boy, it didn’t take long for Fall to creep in on little, uh, Fall feet. There is definitely a nip in the air. I feel it. So I started in on getting the backyard cats’ Winter hutch ready: you can’t see the new wooden siding I put on it, but these are the newly-cleaned sleeping [...]

One last August story

It’s hot. At 8:oo last night it was 86 degrees. I’m not complaining — if you know one thing about me, it’s that I am ridiculously proud of the way I can stand the heat. We don’t use air conditioning here at Casa des Chats, even though every now and then it’s too hot to [...]