Paint stains

WOW! You all out-did yourselves last week with all your wonderful Comments about trees re: last Friday’s post– Thank You! I loved reading every note and  I promisel to mention you all to Marjorie the Elm the next time I hug her,  which, if you’ve read Ken‘s Comment about Marjorie the Elm tree, you know that [...]

One last look.

Let’s all forget that we were supposed to be on line at Walmart at 3AM today, or climbing over one another for those $3.00 toasters at Target, or grabbing us some $39.00 ugly cashmere sweaters at Kohl’s. Let’s remember that it’s still Fall, the most ephemeral season of the year. Let’s take the time for [...]

The last half of Fall.

I picked up this leaf in my neighbor’s yard and had to paint it because it was so bright, and had such a nifty mix of hues, like all those fake colors they put in a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal.

I left the two leaves (mine and Mother Nature’s) out to dry, and the next [...]

Art journal lesson for November: Get out your Wubbies.

November finally showed up yesterday. Cold, windy,  the trees suddenly dropping the rest of their leaves — all the maples across the street are bare already and that hurts, because that’s what I look at when I look out the windows of  my work room.

If you’re going to get the blues, November is the obvious [...]

First Dog, then Paris, then home.

This picture could make me a dog person. It is from the book A Small Furry Prayer(see last Friday’s post) by Steven Kotler, about his work as a dog rescuer at his New Mexico ranch called Rancho de Chihuahua. Steven and his wife specialize in rescuing chihuahuas and they currently have a pack of 33 [...]

The dog ate my blog.

As soon as I saw this book’s cover I knew two things:

1. I was going to love reading it, and

2. I was going to hate myself for the next few months for not having thought up that title for my own use. Damn damn damn damn damn.

Long story short, it’s published by Bloomsbury (mine own publishers!) and [...]

Tip of the day

 I just got back from my talk at Molloy College — standing room only! Until they made me set up more than five chairs!

But I jest. What a nice gathering, sponsored by the Molloy College Poet in Residence Barbara Novack, who because she’s a poet and invited me to her turf validates all my ambitions to be taken [...]

Breathing room

OK, everybody. Let’s all take a deep breath. The elections weren’t totally bad news, and (Delaware! Colorado! West Virginia! Alaska!) there’s a lot to be thankful for.

Let’s all enjoy this moment (see above). Ahhhhhhh.

White sheets: Is there anything more restful? More inviting? More open to interpretation?

White sands: a landscape of purity, silence, cleanliness. An oasis [...]

I’m full of mental health today

Because in a crowd this big, sanity is contagious. That’s me, in the 2,912,537th row from the back.

How big was Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity on Saturday in Washington, D.C.?

It was so big that Fox News had to pretend that it didn’t exist. It was so bigthat I’m already getting spam about the lies [...]