Safari in the snow.

The blizzard hit on Sunday, and I didn’t leave the house until Thursday. But I did spend some time watching the critters that act like they own my backyard (from the picture window in the den).

This backyard cardinal is for Teri, Barbara, Jacqueline, and everyone who doesn’t have cardinals in the backyard. (The lady cardinals are [...]

This is more like it!

We did not know anything about a blizzard heading our way on the Long Island Sound until we heard about it on the Sunday morning news. 800 flights canceled! 1400 flights cancelled! 2000 flights cancelled! Winds at 50 miles per hour! Road crews on 24-hour alert!  Travel warnings on all major highways on Long Island! [...]

Winter Solstice All To Ourselves

We left the house at 3:40 PM and got to the edge of the Long Island Sound at 4:10 — barely in time to watch the sun set on the shortest day of the year.

Nobody else was on the beach, maybe because of the wind chill that made it feel as if it were 17 [...]

All Us Druids Are Happy Today

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the return of the light. This night marks the end of dark times, tomorrow’s dawn marks the great lightening up. We wait all year for this, all us Druids who hug trees, talk to wild flowers, feel the kinship of all living things, caper in the light of the full [...]

Yo! Ma Nature! I’m still WAITING!

The first snow of the season snuck last Sunday night, Dec. 13.  (That’s Bibs, the truly feral cat, sitting in the hutch in the backyard, the one that  is wrapped with four tarps on the outside and inside is a cocoon of two down-filled sleeping bags with a fleecy tie-dye cushion squished behind the Plexiglas [...]

A poem lovely as a tree

This is the Wintertree sampler I worked on this weekend. I was doodling around, looking at photographs from my Winter on Long Island file, playing with ideas I wanted to try — I was looking for some stylized ways to paint trees with blue, grey, and white paint. I played with some pattern ideas and [...]

Waiting for the first snowflake.

What’s in your Go-Bag for the first snowstorm? This  (see above) is all I need in case of a blizzard: Champagne, biscuits, and my Barbra Streisand/Barry Gibb CD. Ah, Guilty. It’s always sunny when Babs and G’Day Bar croon: It oughta be illegal/Make it a crime to be lonely or sad…

I can’t wait for snow on [...]

Please Please Mr. Postman

So I watched the first Sex and the City movie last Friday. But only because I was sick, in bed, in a hotel in Mississippi, and they didn’t have a Bravo channel on their cable.

OK, to back up just a bit: I went to Mississippi with Top Cat on a junket to Harrah’s casinos in [...]

Penelope here. You is?

Blogging is not my job. This my job. Now that snowmens are back from where they gone all year my job is watching for snows. See. This my job. Me watching for snows out livingroom window, with snowmens who just got here last week from boxes in basement. But Blogging Lady, not the Lady what yells [...]

It’s that time of year again!

It all started in 2007.

And it continued in 2008.

And by 2009 it was an annual tradition:

The 2010 Vivian Swift Holiday Card (Limited Edition), hand painted and hand-made by yours truly, is READY!

If you would like to have the new card sent to you (anywhere in the world), please be one of the  first 25 readers to send me [...]