The next level.

Inspiration. I spent this icy cold weekend looking for — and getting — inspiration. Just because the manuscript of my Damn France Book is in the hands of my editor at Bloomsbury doesn’t mean that the Damn Book is finished: oh, non. There are still plenty of bits that need fiddling with, some pages that don’t [...]

Outside/Inside Looking In/Out.

I have a Picture Window in my den. (Do people still call this kind of window a Picture Window? I grew up calling any window that had one big plane of glass in it a Picture Window, but I think the term is outdated now, a relic of the ’60s, because I watch a lot of HG [...]

Winter Mind.

It snowed during the night again. My Champagne-O-Meter had a new-fallen cap of powder on him.

The new snow covered up the trail of grimy footprints between the garage and the shed. It is surprising how much dirt those little bitty cat feet can track to and fro. It starts like this, with somebody (in this [...]

Travelin’ gal.

So. Last Monday I followed in the itty-bitty footsteps of the backyard cats. I stepped out. OF THE HOUSE. And went to New York City, center borough: Manhattan,  Downtown, still the epi-center of cool in the Tri-State area.

How does it feel to be out and unaccountable after dark in Manhattan?

Feels like 1987. Otherwise known as My Hey [...]

Born at the right time.

January 17, my favorite day of the year. Because that’s the ONE DAY a year that I have left-over birthday cake for breakfast.

As you may or may not know, I like to make myself a blue birthday cake each January 16th, to go with my favorite blue teacups.

 (From top to bottom: souvenir tea cup from [...]

Long Island Colding

Another Winter storm on its way, another Champagne-O-Meter:

 Good thing we live on Long Island, that is to say in the Greater New York City area, because hen the weatherman here says it will start to snow at 7PM, it starts to snow at 7PM.     Sharp.

That is, 7PM after dark , which is why I only have [...]

Garbage Cans, full of stories.

(I try to avoid commenting on current events here — but of course I can’t stop thinking of the victims of the Arizona shooting, and of the malevolent politics that I hold responsible for tipping a disturbed individual in the direction of political assassination. I’m writing good old fashioned letters to the certain half-term quitter governors, to [...]

Dirty Words for Dirty Work.

Dirty Words for Dirty Work.

I had a Big Day Out in the City this week! I was invited to meet with an art journaling group for brunch on Wednesday in Manhattan.

I know! Brunch on a Wednesday! It was my first clue that this group probably had a lot of water signs in it. You know, [...]

Brain Trash

New Year’s Day always makes me philosophical. Also, I watched Oprah on Friday, New Year’s Eve Day, and that always makes me philosophical too.

On Friday I watched Oprah interview J. K. Rowling in my favorite foreign city, Edinburgh, about her life and work. J. K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter books) is the first [...]