What to do in Seattle and Portland

I know what I’ll be doing this coming May.

Any chance we can do some of this stuff  together?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

7:00 PM

Wide World Books

4411 Wallingford Ave.

Seattle,  WA  98103


Adventures at the End of the Road: As a former world traveler who now calls herself an expert at staying put, Vivian Swift has a message for all [...]

How Publishing Really Works, Or Not, Part 3.

Whew. What a week. After a balmy weekend, we actually got a glimpse of the back lawn. So that’s what grass looks like.

And then on President’s Day (Monday), things went back to normal:

I’ve had a lot to deal with.

On Friday I got the first round of edits for the Damn France Book from my publisher, [...]

How Publishing Really Works, Part Two

Last Friday I went into Manhattan to have a meeting with my editor at Bloomsbury. I was 15 minutes early for our 10AM rendez-vous, so I walked across 23rd Street to Madison Square Park. (This is a plaza in the middle of Broadway, which Mayor Bloomberg paved part over to make in to a pedestrian [...]

Drastic art journal.

It’s February, the dead of Winter, a month of such sensory-deprivation that it can make you a little crazy. It can drive you to make drastic travel plans.

Well, that’s what I wrote (on page 31, see above) in my book, about the February of 1985 when I made the most drastic travel plans of my [...]

Reader Appreciation Day.

I just want to take a moment to brag. I have the best readers!

You know what make the readers of this blog so special?

It’s their elegance:

Their sense of style:

Along with their ability to accessorize:

Their great thirst for knowledge:

Their gentle manners:

Their self-reliance:

And the special way they look at the world:

O Dear Readers, and you know who I mean, [...]

How Publishing Really Works. Really.

My first book (called When Wanderers Cease to Roam, in case there are new readers today — Hi! by the way) was not edited. That happens sometimes: an editor buys your manuscript and then leaves the company shortly afterwards so when you hand in your finished manuscript nobody in the publishing house wants to touch it with a ten [...]

Making the cut.

The elderly guy who lived two houses down (for the last 45 years) passed away two weeks ago.

His grown children have been emptying the old homestead for the past week. See that Santa? I saw that Santa on the old guy’s front lawn every December (OK, I’ve only lived here for seven years, but still: [...]

Back on the learning curve.

Thank you, everyone, for your Comments on Monday’s post  — I really appreciate your helping me suss out what it takes to take cheese to the next level. I tried to do too much in a 4 1/2-inch  x  7 inch space…re-works are in the works.

Today’s topic is:  How far can you go with charcuterie?

This is [...]