Trade Secrets.

First, an announcment: I will be speaking at the Connnetquot Library on Long Island this Wednesday night, March 30, at 7PM. Come and see my multi-media extravaganza: slides, props, and, uh, some more slides.

Now, where we we?

When Top Cat and I were in France we re-lived our glory days by doing some hitch-hiking. This is a quick [...]

The Rites of Spring.

How was your first week of Spring?

On Monday, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Color in the landscape!

On Tuesday, here at Chateau du Chat, we dared to feel a little enlivened by the sun, even a little spiffy.

On Wednesday, the temperature soared into the high 60′s. Made us feel frisky.

Made us want to get all toesy.

Made us [...]

It’s time to choose.

OK, Damn France Book Focus Group, gather ’round.

Squint your eyes, or take off your glasses, or finish that coffee cup of breakfast tequila you’ve got by the keyboard there, whatever helps blur your vision enough so that when you take a look at the two covers that I’ve put together for your expert opinion you won’t notice [...]

My kind of place.

Bayeux, France is my kind of place.

I first read about it when I was ten years old, in the August 1966 issue of the National Geographic Magazine(the one that had a detail from the Bayeux Tapestry on the cover to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the Norman Conquest of 1066, when William the Duke of [...]

A Commonplace that isn’t.

All my heart and soul goes out to the people of Japan. The scale of the destruction there is impossible for me to understand — I’m still trying to process it, to put it some dimension that I can grasp. And I beg the pardon of all those who are suffering for going ahead with [...]


Gwyneth Leech’s canvas is the paper cup.

From Feb. 28 to April 1 she will be working in a pop-up gallery at 215 West 38th Street in Manhattan.

Which is in a small store-front in the Fashion District, just off 7th Avenue. (Note the street life passing by.)

I went to see her at work on Wednesday and I learned [...]

The last snow day.

March 6, Sunday. There is a bit of rain in the forecast. It’s going to be windy, about 50 degrees, cloudy, with rain in the afternoon. So Penelope starts her watch (for rains):

I go into the backyard, to do some first-hand meteorology.


It looks like rain.

And it’s so warm that I think to myself, “Somebody better [...]

A map of my dreams.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a clear picture of how I was going to solve the problem of what to put on the cover of my Damn France Book.

Of course! I almost laughed out loud: It’s so obvious!!

And then two hours later I woke up again and couldn’t remember a [...]