I Was Doing OK Until Thursday

How was your first week of Spring?

On Monday, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Color in the landscape!

On Tuesday, here at Chateau du Chat, we dared to feel a little enlivened by the sun, even a little spiffy.

On Wednesday, the temperature soared into the high 60’s. Made us feel frisky.

Made us want to get all toesy.

Made us […]

I Judge a Book By Its Cover All The Time.

OK, Damn France Book Focus Group, gather ’round.

Now, imagine yourself having to judge a book by its cover.

Which book would you buy?


These are my ideas, so far,  for the cover of Le Road Trip.

Tell me what you think.

The Book of One’s Own.

My visit last week to the Morgan Library in mid-town Manhattan reminded me that I made one of my most meaningful connections in the old gift shop there.

To be precise, it was September 21, 1998 and I was browsing through the post cards when my fancy was caught by a fetching blank book. It was […]

It’s Not Snooping If It’s In A Museum.

Last week I went to the Morgan Library to see an exhibit called The Diary, Three Centuries of Private Lives. It was all about diaries, some of them 300 years old.

You can’t take photos in the exhibit, except for sneaking a shot under the radar of the security guards.


The exhibit was exciting in that it […]