Where does the time go?

I wasn’t near a TV when Diana married Charles. I was living in West Africa and I got news of the world via the international edition of Newsweek magazine every Tuesday. So I was out of the loop on that fateful day in July, 1981.

But once I got back to America I was hooked on [...]

I am the Pin-Up Girl for Writerly Awesomeness!!

That’s me, Writer Extraordinaire.

For lo, did I maketh myself sit every night with my stack of copy edits, and verilydid I read every 20,000 of them, and I say unto you that I tooketh my Wite-Out and my Rapid-O-Graph pen and I raiseth my scissors and my tweezers, and yea did I make whatever corrections were [...]

Trade Secrets

24 days until Seattle!

I really hope I’ll see some rain there. I, like many tea lovers, cat people, bibliophiles, fans of comfy clothing, hermits, and moody Capricorns, love a nice rainy day. And on my one previous trip to the Pacific Northwest I was plagued by sunny days — three in a row. I figure [...]

How Publishing Really Works, Part Four

A funny thing happened on the way to my blog last Thursday. I got in a rotten foul mood and I went on a writer’s strike.

On second thought, that’s not so funny.

Thursday’s the day that I do my Friday post. It was raining heavily, and it was cold, as cold and rainy as it’s been [...]

Why I don’t have to write fiction.

Jennifer Egan, the wildly talented novelist whose most recent book is the rave-reviewed A Visit From the Goon Squad, was interviewed last week on NPR and I heard her say something that amazed me.

Jennifer Egan said that she is bored by her own life, so she invents stories to make things interesting for her.

Really? She finds [...]

Words of Wisdom.

I feel like such a writer today!

Because I don’t have any urge to write. That is, now that the Damn France Book is done (all over except for the Fat Lady’s song) I have no desire to sit down and write another word.

I just spent three years hacking away at the English language, picking at [...]

Still Too Much Stuff.

All last week, it was cloudy and gray with Winter temperatures. And then, two days of freezing rain.

This year’s crocuses never had a chance. No wonder the raccoons got desperate.

Top Cat and I woke up in the middle of the night. Top Cat said he heard the cats knocking over things in my work room. [...]

Fellow Traveler

I really should hate this book. (if you are not interested in my philosophical thoughts about the art of story — and I certainly don’t blame you — the cat pictures start at the end of this book review. Feel free to skip ahead.)

But I love it.

Which is strange, considering that it’s written by my [...]