Memorial Day

Hi dear readers!

Before you tackle the story (Part One) of my Great Pacific Great Northwest Tour (see below– make sure you’ve got a comfy chair and a beverage and loads of time when you check in because I’ve got a lot of info to tell) please take a moment to click on the button on the [...]

The Great Pacific Great Northwest Tour, Part One

The alarm rang at 4:30AM on Monday, May 16, 2011. We arrived at JFK airport at 6:25, and when the Delta baggage checkers asked us where we were going and we said, “Seattle“, I must admit that I felt cool. We got on the plane at 7:45 and I was grateful that even though I had the [...]

Rain Day! Painting Lesson 4 or 5

One day I will tote up my painting lessons and number them in order chronologically, like, and index them and package them in a neat little mini-blog.

And, one day, pigs will fly.

A new reader asked me how I did the rain in my April chapter of When Wanderers Cease to Roam:

There are two kinds of [...]

A new leaf. (Painting Lesson No. 3 1/2)

Remember how much fun we had when we painted Fall leaves? (It’s still the highest-ranking post I’ve ever put up here on this blog — people love painting Fall leaves! See the October 18 post called October is the Coyote Month.)

Well, this is the Spring version of our Fall Leaf Painting Lesson.

In the May chapter [...]

Travel Tips

Two days until I take off for the Great Pacific Great Northwest Tour to give the Great Pacific Great Northwest a piece of my mind. They need me out there, they need my tips for happiness and stuff.

My Travel Tips for Staying Put, of course.

What? You don’t know my famous Travel Tips for Staying Put? [...]

Great Great Great Great Great

There are only SEVEN days until I take off for my Great Tour of the Great Pacific Great Northwest.

And I should tell you all what I’m going to be telling the great people of the great Pacific Great Northwest, because the dear readers of this blog are the most important readers I have and you [...]

A Day in the Life of a Professional Writer

Nope. Still not over it. Still not finished with feeling that the world is a little bit happier place because of that wonderful Wedding on Friday.

Also, all this past weekend I had to catch up on bits of that fabulous Wedding that I missed on Friday because, you see: I HAVE A JOB (and I [...]