The Truth About Publishing, Part 5.

I have a confession to make.

It wasn’t just my computer that was flaking out these past few weeks. My raison d’etre also took a powder.

Yes, I had to stop hammering on my damn Dell and start backing up ALL my files, and yes, I HAVE had serious discussions with people about new hardware and yes, I HAVE wanted [...]

The dog ate my blog.

Which is funny, because I don’t even have a dog.

It’s the usual story: Six-year old computer, too many downloads of cute cat pictures from suspect interweb sites, a thousand spam messages from people in Nigeria begging to give me money every day… even stuff from a Christian Singles dating site (which I did NOT fall for!)

Anyhoo, dear [...]

The Great Pacific Great Northwest Tour, Part Two

So every one’s been asking me to tell all about THE BOOK EVENTS. What is it like to put yourself in front of real, live, authentic Pacific Northwest readers???

It is intimidating. I must admit that although I am not usually nervous about public speaking — I mean really: are you kidding? There is nothing I [...]