I looked out of the picture in my den and I called out to Top Cat, “Come see this! The mortal enemies have called a truce!”

Usually, these two cats can’t stand the sight of each other. For two years they have been skirmishing out in the backyard, squabblingover who’s going to be head honcho, call the [...]

When the going gets tough.

Yesterday and the day before: was there ever a worse weekend in America?

1.     Over 100 million people in 30 states are trapped under a heat dome that has been baking them at 115 degrees for the past 15-20 days. It got so bad here on Long Island at Top Cat Manor that for the first time in [...]

The Museum of the Self.

I go a little out of my way on my drive home from work each day, just so I can mosey down Park Avenue in Williston Park.

All the houses in this area are all the same basic model:

Or are a mirror-image of the same basic model:

But each one is individualized so that, at first, I [...]


Some of us think Summer is the time to slack off.

Not me. Nope. I sat down last week and made a To Do list for Summer 2011. Which is not as grubbily time-management-obsessed as it sounds.

I made a list of the things I want to remember to do this Summer, as I tend to get [...]

What’s the Pacific Northwest word for “Proustian”?

One thing I liked about Seattle is that it shares my feelings about the magnitude of a good cup of tea (left) in relation to a cup of coffee (right). Here’s what  tea-drinking heaven looks like:

And you never know, in Seattle, where the perfect gustatory experience will reveal itself. Top Cat and I walked all over our University [...]

Drinking in the local scene.

It was Errand Day and I was walking to my  neighborhood bank. At the time that I was heading to the front door of the Commerce Bank, a mother and her teenage daughter were on their way out.

The daughter was scowling at what looked like a deposit (maybe a withdrawal) slip or receipt. The girl [...]


Dear Readers:

I had a Friday post all ready for you! I did!

I just discovered that it did not launch because I’d set the post date for July 8, 2012.

So I’m holding it back for next Friday (it’s such a Friday-kind of post that it would be wrong to make it a Monday story).

I’m sorry for the [...]

The Truth About Publishing, Part 6

I schlepped into Manhattan late last Thursday afternoon to deliver the finished manuscript of my Damn France Book. It weighs about ten pounds, being made of 208 sheets of 11-inch x 11-inch paper marked with position slugs on its edges onto which I have affixed each and every piece of text, each and every bit of artwork, and then [...]


What a day I’ve had.

I’m exhausted.

I schlepped into Manhattan late this afternoon to hand deliver the Damn France manuscript. This damn thing weighs a ton (well, 1/200th of a ton) and it was hot and I was so tired to start with, having worked until late last night betting the final bits in place.

People: I [...]