How to get to Carnegie Hall:

Practice, practice, practice.

For our lesson today, let’s turn to page 45 of my book, When Wanderers Cease to Roam.  Here is  where I painted a glimpse of the tea-drinking corner of my sweet little kitchen back in the village of Pelham, New York on the Long Island Sound. Now remember, Wanderers was the first book I ever illustrated, [...]

We are the world, we are the cosmos.

July 16: Top Cat finishes mowing the front yard and he comes into the house and he says to me, “Did you see the cosmo growing in the old flower bed?”

And I said, “Hmmm… I haven’t planted cosmo seeds in three years. If there’s a cosmo plant growing, this I gotta see.”

And I kept watch [...]

How Publishing Really Works, Part Seven. And other stuff.

This is a first!

This is the first time that I’ve received proofs for my soon-to-be-published book. For all you future authors out there: if your first book is “orphaned”, that is, the editor who bought the manuscript does a runner from the publishing house and nobody there wants to take responsibility for your pitiful life’s [...]

Not what I had promised.

I know I promised you, dear readers, a gallery of all the Pictures That Make Us Happy. But therre’s so many! And  I’m still re-sizing them all for this Blog-Gallery space! So, in the meantime, I’m going to bore you with What I Did Last Weekend:

Given the right circumstances (a good book that needs reading, a [...]


This is how I spent my Hurricane Weekend:

On Saturday, representing the Marlin Clan of Edinburgh and Pennsylvania (Huguenots who emigrated to Scotland in 1548), Yours Truly attended The Scottish Games on Long Island.

Yes, those are the storm clouds of Irene.

But what do I care????

As it was said (all over the Games): We Scots Eat Hurricanes [...]