Thank Youse

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

(Photo courtesy of the blog: Itty Bitty Kitty Committee)

I am thankful that you all drop in here and share your stories and comments and keep me inspired as a writer.

I am spending my long Thanksgiving Day weekend finishing up my annual Secret Project.

I will post directions on how [...]

Gone with the rain.

Ah, the color of memories.

Remember the warm rosy glow of those lingering Summer twilights?

Well, there’s a new ray of light in town.

Last weekend I bundled up and bustled out to the local stately mansion (the deserted old manor house of the renowned American man of lettres, William Cullen  Bryant) to catch the very last gasp [...]

Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.

Oh Jeeze. Oh Mine DoG. I am turning into a public radio pledge drive.

So just picture me, please, trying to be witty and hip and non-profit while whining about how much I mean to you all, especially you all who can do me a solid right here, right now. And by that I mean all youse who are [...]

Here be dragons.

There are strange and bizarre creatures roaming on Long  Island. Yellow creatures. With feathers. Here’s proof:

I found one of these feathers in 2010 and  one in 2011. I couldn’t imagine what kind of critter could have molted these unusual plumes right in my backyard but it never worried me. I’m used to living in  oblivion. I [...]

The Blizzard of October

It began in the middle of Saturday morning. A heavy, cold, fat rain pelting down with bits of snow-slush stuff that began to accumulate on the ground. That’s what the freak Northeastern snow storm of October 29 looked like here on the north shore of Long Island.

Yes. Snow. And most of our trees haven’t even [...]