Recipe for a perfect Winter day.

Recipe for a Perfect Winter Day

First, you need snow. Next, you need company.

The snow started after dark, in the wee hours of Saturday morning. So by the time we woke up we had FINALLY a blanket of Winter White to celebrate.

It’s been an extraordinarily mild Winter so far here on the Long Island Sound, so [...]

There’s no accounting for taste.

I came across an interview this week with Lynda Resnick, the marketing genius  and billionaire [former] owner of the Franklin Mint. You remember the Franklin Mint, right?

Ms. Resnick doesn’t own the Franklin Mint anymore, having made a bundle off it in the 1990s and then selling it for a crap load of money a few years [...]

Don’t Give Me That Look.

Yo. Taffy and Lickety.

I know youse guys. The only reason you two stare like that is when there’s a big scary bug in the kitchen. Or a big scary bug in the livingroom. But you’re out on the back patio, for christ sake.  What on earth can you two nimrods be so engrossed with?

Oh. Wait. [...]


My Job One on New Year’s Day is to count my blessings. By which I mean I framed my 2011 collection of feathers and added them to my gallery:

How does that saying go? …

Every feather tells a story.

Job Two is to count the days until the  American release of my Damn France Book   Le Road Trip. [...]