If You Want to Get Anything Done, Do Not Teach Your Cat to Fetch.

I work at home, so I just don’t have enough ways to waste time during the day.

So I taught Penelope, our pastel tortie, how to play “Fetch the Mousie”. She was so good at it — she must have been a golden retriever in a previous life — that I had to keep playing with […]

My Sincere and Total Love of the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in New Rochelle, New York

Things around here were getting so boring. So I had to go thrift shopping.

I do loves me a good Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Especially when there are so many thought-provoking objects on display.

Are these chairs supposed to be faux-pony or faux-Holstein?

Better yet, they swivel, too. Oh, dear faux-pony/Holstein chairs, why were you forsaken unto the Salvation […]