Helpful Hint of the Day: Do not teach your cat to fetch.

Good morning, my dear readers. It’s been a long, hard week, hasn’t it? As some of you know, I gave up my “work from home” status about a year ago to actually go to an office five days a week and on days like this, working for other people takes its toll. I’m wiped out today… 

…so that’s why [...]

I love rainy days.

Even in Winter, I love rainy days.

It’s been a very rainy week here on the Long Island Sound and I have loved it. I love the way that there is nothing about Winter that enhances the experience of rain.

It’s cold. The trees are bare, the shrubs are scrawny, the grass is dead, landscape is practically [...]

What I do when it doesn’t snow.

OK, the love of a snowy day is not a passion that everyone shares. But I’m sure we all love a Snow Day, a day that is chalked up as a “bye” from the get-go. A day when no one in the outside world expects anything from you. A day when it’s OK to not even [...]

I wish it would snow.

Yes, you read that right. I wish it would snow.

I should have put a P.S. to last week’s post to let you all know that our Winter of 2012 was over by Monday afternoon, when a warm 50-degree rain banished any hint of Wonderland. Now all I see when I look at our backyard is [...]