O, Happy Days


That’s a word to describe how I feel when I’m happy and peaceful and alive right down to my toes: Toesey. (This photo is courtesy of Stacy Horn, who managed to capture her cat Finney at just the right moment in his own fit of toesey-ness. I discovered Stacy in 2003 with the publication of [...]

I don’t hate Spring so much this year.

Spring is usually one of  the most disheartening seasons here on the Long Island Sound. It tends to be cold, grey, wet, muddy, COLD around here until May, so the whole “Spring” thing is usually purely hypothetical. March is usually particularly brutal, a month of sleet, low clouds, filthy — and I mean filthy — [...]

What’s up with Boston?

My doctor told me that I have a Vitamin D deficiency so now that we’re back to Normal [Daylight Savings] Time I’m soaking up the sunshine of these fine early Spring days.

Meaning that when I make my afternoon G&T I take it outside and sit out in the backyard for the 11 minutes it takes for [...]

How I’m spending my Spring Vacation

Dear Diary, Saturday morning: Yay! It’s Saturday morning! Does Saturday count as my first day of vacation? I have the next two weeks OFF to stay home and work on my new book but I  usually get Saturday off any way, but it feelslike a vacation day so I’m going to count it as one. Yay! A [...]

Back to basics.

I keep track of these things, so I know for a fact that the first perfect day of the year won’t get here for another ten weeks. Statistically, the First Perfect Day of the Year arrives on the Long Island Sound on May 14. Until then, I plan on being in a bad mood.

But it’s [...]