Old Dog, New Tricks

First, I did a number of sketches.

Oh, wait. I forgot to tell you that I’m working on some illustrations of a delightful walled garden in Edinburgh called Dunbar’s Close, a small secret green space off the Royal Mile. Dunbar’s Close is a long narrow formal landscape comprised of three outdoor “rooms” — this is [...]

The meaning of life, and all.

This is the only other book about France that you should read this year: Finding Me in France is the blog-turned-book real-time true story of one woman’s search for a life less ordinary. Bobbi French is a psychiatrist from Canada (sorry: Newfoundland) who chucked it all (career, native language, daily access to Miracle Whip) to [...]

Pub Date!

Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful messages of support on Pub Date for Le Road Trip — April 10, 2012. Just think. A mere eight months ago this was all I had:

A stack of Damn France pages (and a tea bag). And now:

I’ve got a Damn France Book!

The cats can’t hardly contain their glee and [...]

On an April Walk

I wasn’t in the best mood when I started out on my walk yesterday.

But when the shadows start to look a lot like June (not more than ten steps away from the Winter silhouette above) I have to lighten up.

Look around.

See what there is to see.

You never know what’s hiding in the tall grass.

I had [...]