If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. And again. And again.

Some of you will recognize this as page 97 of my new book, Le Road Trip:

I’m showing you this page because I want to answer all the questions I’ve received about the note on the copyright page (in the very front of Le Road Trip), the one that reads: The entire text of this book [...]

Billionaires have different needs than you and me.

I’m not a billionaire — yet – but my editor told me this week that Le Road Trip has sold out of its first run and is going into a second printing so wealth and fame can’t be far behind, and I better take notes on how my soon-to-be-peers live. I want to fit in when we [...]

Back to the drawing board

I’m still at it. Still flummoxed by gardens. My paintings of them still look like crap. If you remember, when we last left off I was trying to do justice to a small walled garden off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh called Dunbar’s Close:

In the past two weeks I’ve actually tried TWICE to re-paint this, but [...]


You might remember my friend Robert from pages 190 and 191 of my book When Wanderers Cease to Roam, where I talk about how Robert operates the drawbridge over the Eastchester Barge Canal off U.S.Route 1.

He spent 30 years there, planting trees and creating art from the debris that floated his way, hanging hundreds of [...]