No Canadians Were Harmed in the Making of this Post.

Poutine, AKA Quebec French Fries with brown gravy and cheese curds — yum!

O, Quebec.

So far, my Canadian readers are polling 3 – to – 1 in favor of me not being such a connarde after all. Thank you, Commentors Michelle, Risa, and Monique, who wrote in about last week’s post about my landing […]

The Truth About How I Do It

Anybody who puts a book out in the world loves to hear that, against all odds, that book has found a reader who:

A. Doesn’t write to tell you how much she hates it.

B. Does write in to ask an interesting question that I can turn into a blog post!

I got this question from a new […]

I Always Knew I Didn’t Know What I Was Doing.

A professional artist has taken pity on me.

Carol Gillot, the artist behind the wonderful blog Paris, has sent me a selection of professional-grade water color paints in tubes to help me give my gardens the pizazz (that is, the saturation and the transparency) that I need. The reason I use hobby (child) quality paints […]

To Be On the Spot, Or Not To Be?

“Do you do your drawings on the spot?” I was asked yesterday, about the illustrations for Le Road Trip. The question was put to me in a darling¬†Australian accent because I was being interviewed by phone from Australia by columnist Blanche Clarke¬†of the Herald Sun, which was quite a thrill for me — Le Road […]