Fashion Forward

I saw this guy in the backyard today.

And this one, too.

For the record, Bibs has never bagged a squirrel, and that record still stands.

But forget about Cat and Squirrel for now. This is the picture that I want you to ponder today:

This is a page from last Sunday’s New York Times special edition Style Magazine. [...]

Signs of the times, 2012

Already these mornings are dark when I make my first cup of tea of the day.

There goes another Summer.

This week I even held my hands over the stove to warm them up while I waited for the water to boil — first time since last April. And I automatically put on a fleece when [...]

First Things First, Unless They Come Second.

Since the world revolves around me, let me say that there are two kinds of readers in the world: Those who read my first book first…

Scenes from When Wanderers Cease to Roam

…and think that When Wanderers Cease to Roam is the kind of book I should always write…

More scenes from When Wanderers Cease [...]

One for the Road.

How was your Labor Day holiday? Did everyone manage to stay out of the Emergency Room? Or am I the only one?

This is a picture of me after I ruptured my quadricep tendon by running up the stairs going for a personal best in the local Labor Day Triathelon.

My primary care physician has not yet [...]