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Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

ChrisHanKwanSolstice love for all.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


For this year’s holiday card I did a four-panel ode to the four seasons:


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is a good recipe for art, too…I took two of my favorite paintings of the beautiful Long Island Sound in [...]

Monet’s pork chops.

If you’re like me (cranky, moody, envious, and fault-finding) you will take heart in the fact that even the great Claude Monet had a steep learning curve when it came to painting his now-famous water garden pictures at Giverny. Compare these two canvases:

The one on top is the very first picture that Monet painted of [...]

Connecticut croissants.

Yes, you can get a taste of France in Connecticut.But of course Connecticut is more famous for its local sea food specialties, such as this crab meat appetizer at the S&P Oyster House in Mystic, CT:

I took my dear sweet husband, AKA Top Cat, to Connecticut to celebrate his birthday last weekend, which began with [...]