Watch me paint!

You know what they say about watching paint dry…well, this is like that, only with masking fluid:

I use a toothpick to lay down my Windsor Newton masking fluid because it’s very viscous and I can’t handle it with a paint brush. In this illustration, I am protecting my foreground subject (mailboxes — I love mailboxes) [...]

Blue in a good way.

Yes, dear readers…another year, another birthday, another  Breakfast of Champions:

This is one of the least ugly blue cakes I’ve ever made so I’m taking that as a good omen for my 57th year.

Now, before we begin todays’s lesson, I’m posting some pictures of my cat Cindy at work (as per last week’s request from Janet, Carol, Patty, [...]

A little dab’ll do ya.

All I need for watercolor happiness is three paintbrushes, one small, one medium, and one large. This is the whopper:

Size 10. This big guy is great for those times when you need a lot of paint and/or a lot of water on your brush, for dabbing in lots of different colors for this kind of [...]

Brighter Days Ahead

Top Cat and I celebrated the Winter Solstice in our usual fashion here on the shores of the Long Island Sound. But we were not alone in welcoming back the light…

…is there anything better in a dog’s life than a beach, a ball, and a hoomin with a good throwing arm?

It was one of the [...]