WIP, WIP-it Good.

WIP is the term that we procrastinators use when we discuss our “Work In Progress”. ┬áToday’s post is going to be a long one because the more time I spend on my blog the less time I have to sit around cursing at my ┬áblank sheet of WIP because the angels are not dictating their […]

Eye of the storm!

Heeding all the dire warnings about the on-coming blizzard that would paralyze the entire northeastern corridor of the United States of America (last Friday), I set up the Champagne-o-Meter at dawn:

But the morning’s flurry did not last, and it mostly rained all day until around 3 o’clock in the afternoon:

Then the snow stated coming down, […]

The Art Collection of Dr. Barnes. In short: Ew.

The first thing that annoyed me about my visit to the Barnes Foundation museum in Philadelphia was the building.

The taxi dropped me off right in front of the place and, as I stood there staring at it on a cold Sunday morning in January, I could not tell where the entrance was. At first, I […]

How COLD is it on the Long Island Sound?

It’s c-o-l-d.

It’s so cold on the Long Island Sound…

…that the low tide froze. Here I am at the William Cullen Bryant Cedarmere estate, which is two miles from my house, tramping around the cliffs trying to get a good reference photo of the Mill House so I can paint it:

This Mill House is situated below […]