Paris Wish List

I’m almost certain that most of you, dear readers, would hate to have me as a traveling companion.

I am not  a “foodie” (a word I actually despise) so that means that if we were traveling together in Paris we would only drop into boulangeries for the moment or two in order to take reference photos [...]

There’s Nothing Like a Nice Cup of Tea

This is how I started almost every day that I was in Paris these past two weeks:

I would go to my local cafe and have a nice little pot of tea with tartine (buttered baguette with jam) and plan my day’s outings with the aid of my outstanding booklet of detailed maps of Paris’ 20 [...]

The Room of One’s Own

There are two ways to see Monet’s garden at Giverny. You can see it from ground level…

..or you can climb a hill and see it from above. Either way…

…it’s quite a sight.

It’s been chilly here in Normandy, that is when the sun isn’t shining and warming you to your tootsies — those clouds can turn [...]

The Long and Winding Road Down the Garden Path

If at first you don’t succeed, or if at second, third, and fourth you don’t succeed (see above) then pour yourself a nice big gin and tonic and sit around listening to sad songs (I prefer old Motown, the Temptations Since I Lost My Baby and the like) and feel sorry for yourself and seriously [...]

Dancing in the Streets

In addition to painting a big ole New Orleans French Quarter vue this week we will also be catching up on important issues of the day  which includes the recent appearance of a possible new member of our herd of backyard cats:

No, that’s not a new Wanderer, that’s just good ole house cat Penelope playing [...]