The first full day of Fall.

And tonight, the first full night of Autumn.

fall night

One of these years I’m going to plant a night-blooming garden. Until then, I can paint me one.

And speaking of twilights, I finally saw the movie last week. You know, the movie about the vampires based on the bazillion-selling book by Stephanie Meyers, with that grungy actor that all the youngsters are going crazy about. I have quite a lot to say on that subject (on the movie and the books and how much like porn they all are) which I will yammer about tomorrow.

But here’s my thought for the day about vampires: if they’ve been around for hundreds of years, and some of them want to do good (see: the whole plot about those damn vampires in Twilght), why don’t they give their blessing of eternal life to, say, Albert Einstein, or Galileo, or Da Vinci, or Marie Curie — people who have great minds and talents that could benefit the human race? Instead of just the people who look hot un-dead? 

Why didn’t one of those do-gooder blood suckers make George Harrison a vampire? 

He would have made a GREAT vampire.

Dopey criteria about who to  “turn” is just ONE of the things about vampires that annoys me.   More tomorrow.

3 comments to The first full day of Fall.

  • Sandy in Guilford CT

    Oh George was my absolute fav – and I saw the movie too and thought – Ugh, what is all the fuss about??? No one is even cute!!!! I must be getting old.

  • Jacquelyn

    Hi from Portland (Oregon) Seems like Indian Summer here…. very warm, but I heard that technically, Indian summer comes with warm days AFTER the first frost. So must be a NE thing.
    I found this morning, in my alternative neighborhood (when not on my special island) a very old large fig tree full of soft juicy ripe pale green figs. Besides apples, pears, grapes it’s the last of end of summer and into Fall fruit.
    I realize that I have yet to see a vampire movie or read a vampire book. I have a friend who is a professional storyteller….and recently noticed her display of jewelry at her farmers market booth……two designs especially for two themes of the Twilight series. She is putting together a workshop for young women that highlight the archetypical content within the Twilight series. I have granddaughters age 20 and 22 and wondered about the series as a gift. Will have to find out more.

  • admin

    Vivian, please explain what I am missing. I just don’t *get* the vampire thing. Did the current mania all stem from Ann Rice, you think?

    Does this mean something? If so, I have missed that boat.


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