Monday morning!

Good morning, Top Cat here.

Vivian is out of town, picking up fresh dirt. What a surprise, she doesn’t have software cookies, so you got me steering the boat.  She will be back here, if  you can count on Greyhound, with a whole batch of newsworthy info on wednesday.  There has been a total barage of non-stop monsoon like weather since the weekend began.   We cannot wait for her to return with that good spring weather.  I hope you all remembered to spring ahead.   I dont know about you all, but I for one can’t wait!   Me and the hobos miss her tremendously…

5 comments to Monday morning!

  • maryann

    Hello! You are awesome for letting us know the scoop re: Vivian!! Hello to the hobos as well!! :)

  • Hi Top Cat,
    I’ve always wanted to meet you.
    Thanks for the update. Hi to the hobos, too. Haven’t heard them called that before.

  • hobos? Of course they are!! how clever.

    We wait for Viv’s new dirt for us Wednesday.

    Thanks for filling in for her, Top Cat..

  • Rachel

    Top Cat, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance in person. Hoping Vivian has a great trip, she might be a bit out of practice after her *ceasing to roam* hiatus, but I am sure all will be well.

  • To Barbara, I looked it up. Hobos were mentioned Oct 13th 2009.
    Cute name for a bunch of cats who happened along, and took over the yard ,and basement, and the garage,……

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