Boom Baby.


Last night on TV (the show was “Community” on NBC) a 40-year old character was complaining about the old fart in his Spanish class; “The guy’s a Baby Boomer!” was all he had to say to get the sympathy of his [mostly younger] fellow community college students.   (Hint: youngsters hate seeing old farts wearing the love beads.)

Ouch. Us Baby Boomers are now the culture’s punch line.  When did that happen?

So I’m here to call my cohort to action. Specifically: all you mid-life babes. 

 I was at a function for women over 50 last Tuesday night where the issue was achieving “authenticity” in the second half of our lives. And when I looked around the room, I didn’t see a single grey hair.


I mean, every single woman there had dyed her hair some unconvincing shade of blonde, brunette, or redhead.  As if they were trying to prove that what looked good on them in high school STILL looks good 35 years later.  No,no,no,no: it doesn’t work with culottes and bell bottoms and platform shoes and it doesn’t work with HAIR.

How can we even begin to get “authentic” , or hold our heads high in spite of ridcule from whippersnapper Gen-X, if we don’t have the guts to flaunt our real hair?  patti_smith

Grey is so Punk.  Kids these days should look at our silver badge of courage and wish they could be so FIERCE.

By the way, I’ve been letting my freak flag fly for four years now and I love it.  All I need is a few more of you to join me and we can start a movement.


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  • admin

    If there is anything we hippies loved more than hallucinating, it was color. So, I’m staying with the hallucination, er. . . illusion. Gray is for sweatpants.

    As for the young-uns, when I see the first contribution to culture or commerce or authenticity come from that generation, then they can go ahead with their ridicule.

    I actually had a 26 year old spoiled brat, who liked to spout liberal politics without the burden of any action on her part, tell me it was our fault the world is a mess because we quit fighting – we retired! Never heard of that baton passing thing I guess.


  • Deb

    The last time I colored my hair, I was 27. That was 28 years ago. I have a Lily Munster streak of white developing in front. I’m lovin’ it. Lots of gray heads at the single-payer health care rallies I’ve attended.

  • Cassie

    Oh, I do so want to be authentic. And I’d love to join you, Vivian. But, I don’t think I can do it. I JUST colored my gray roots two days ago with an unconvincing shade called “dark blonde,” after examining for the umpteenth time how the gray looks against my skin. The problem is, it blends! No, my skin isn’t gray, but I’m very fair and I’m afraid people won’t be able to tell where my forehead ends and my hair begins.

    I’m not ready. I’ll be authentic in other areas for now just to practice. I guess I can’t join the club yet?

    BTW…at least I’ve switched to a brand of color from the health food store called Naturatint, that doesn’t have chemicals. Is that authentic?

  • Sandra Mosley

    I’m with you on this one Vivian!

  • Joyce

    I am a generation or two beyond you. I died my hair for a few years then decided I have earned every one of my gray hairs and people tell me how pretty my hair is. It is also much less expensive than coloring.

  • Shelley

    I find if I call my hair “silver” instead of “gray”, it doesn’t seem nearly so bad. Now if I can just find a more attractive word for “fat”!

    Nothing wrong with a good illusion (since we aging hippies aren’t allowed hallucinations anymore…ah, the good old daze)!

  • susun

    I am currently struggling with this issue. I’ve gone almost a year without coloring my hair,had mainly highlights and some low to cover gray. Then, with extra encouragement from the economy, I decided to forego it a while. I now have squigglies around my face and the crown of my head and I’m not sure I’ll make it to true authenticity. I detest the notion that men only look more distinguished with gray and women become hags. Definitely something wrong with that…a not so subtle form of brainwashing. Thanks Cassie, for the product info.

  • I’ve been gray for the past 15 years….people have tried to convince me to dye my hair, You’ll look younger”, they say…Why do I want to look younger? Read Barbara Sher’s book, It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now. She’s a hoot and make so much sense…stop fooling your selves and just be who you are…’s fun and it’s real, you can’t beat it!

  • Millie

    I am a proud little (4’11″) old (64)
    lady in tennis shoes. I quit wearing heels years ago, I miss them about as much as I do the girdles of the 50′s and 60′s. In my 20′s one of my relatives paid for my trips to the beauty salon for my quarterly frosting. When I went back to college I let it go. I spend my money on fabrics and art supplies instead of make up. although I must admit that I do have nice skin and thick hair, my hair is starting to go silver. I don’t plan to color it. the thick braid or twist held up with chopsticks that I have trimmed and colored. I am who I am. my friends have given up on me. but I am comfortable in my skin and my clothes and my feet never hurt.

  • I have the gray! I am too lazy to color it. It’s hard enough to cut it myself and I am not going to try to touch up the roots inbetween dye jobs as my daughter says you have to do to look good. My sister pays 150$ (my husband pointed out I put the $ sign in the wrong place earlier today so I did it again just because!) for a haircut and dye job. I am flabbergasted at that. Do you know how much art stuff that could buy? I do have my values!

  • Jessica L.

    If I had that lovely silvery color, I’d go grey in an instant – but, alas, I don’t. So I’ll just keep using L’Oreal’s medium ash brown (same color as my eyebrows!)every 6 weeks. A bargain @ $8.99 and only 35 minutes on a sunday morning.

  • Jenny M

    I’ve taken the plunge and let my hair go grey. It takes some courage but I’m glad I’ve done it. Not to keen on the stray grey eyebrow hairs though.

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