It looks like a cream cheese hangover to me.


This is Penelope, AKA The Cat Who Lives On Our Kitchen Counter. And that’s what’s left of a tub of cream cheese that we left unguarded when we made bagels this morning.

We’re so pathetic, we think this is cute (rather than disgusting).

We need help.

3 comments to It looks like a cream cheese hangover to me.

  • admin

    I was going to say – let us know how she feels when she wakes up, but maybe we don’t need to know how that comes out.

    But for the moment, she has found bliss. Cream cheese is so good.
    There weren’t any chives in there, were there?


  • Jan

    I’m honored to join the “pathetic” club. It’s adorable! Vivian, I learned about you, your art, talent, from a class I was taking with Jessica. I spend hours reading through your book, looking at the art and am so grateful to have learned about you. (and your cats)
    PS, I’m a Miniature Dachshund lady who’s enjoying the second half of my life in Texas..grey hair and all.

  • My husband would be disgusted – he hates that our daughter lets the cats on the table and counter. I think it’s cute and it’s your own fault for leaving the cheese out.

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