Up in that tree! It's a lemon! It's a tennis ball! No, it's a QUINCE!

 On the Map of Me (see last week’s post), under  the heading “Favorite Food That I Like The Idea Of But Would Never Actually Eat Because I Don’t Care For Fruit In General”, that’s not a lemon.  Although it certainly LOOKS like one, and I thank Marvelous Reader who wondered  about that. It’s a quince.

I live across the street from a wild quince tree which, when I first moved to Long Island, I took as a good omen. I like quince trees. Maybe life wouldn’t be too bad after all,  in America’s First Suburb. Can you believe that that’s the new official motto of Long Island? As if that would make us sound any less like Levittown-and-Mall-Land.quince 004

quince 001


quince 002

And just about now is when they are getting ripe and turning into bright yellow baubles. So, on the one hand, I’m delighted to see these jolly yellow polka-dots on the tree across the street. But on the other hand, it reminds me that Summer is over and gooooooone.


quince 003

By the way, that quince tree that’s across the street from me? It belongs to this house:



This reminds me of that short story  (To Esme With Love and Squalor) by J.D. Salinger about the little 9-year old girl named Esme who said to one of the Glass brothers, “I love squalor.” And that reminds me of how I went through a big J.D. Salinger phase when I lived in Paris and was so depressed (it rains every day in Winter in Paris)  that it cheered me up to read those sad short stories about the Glass family (because you always knew that  Seymour was going to kill himself) and listen to sad songs: Joni Mitchell Last Time I Saw Richard, Carly Simon Haven’t Got Time for The Pain, Veronique Sanson Amoureuse.  But I digress.

Some days, all I do is digress. I think this is one of those days.

4 comments to Up in that tree! It's a lemon! It's a tennis ball! No, it's a QUINCE!

  • You are such a great writer. I just started reading your blog and its my favorite.Have had your book on my BOOKS TO BUY list and now it will bought!

  • Jan

    I had never heard of a quince! This reminds me of a beautiful little “lemon” tree my dad had in our backyard when I was a teenager. (log ago)Dad had a wonderful green thumb and everything he touched just thrived! Except this lemon tree. He said he had read somewhere that the tree had to be a certain age to bear fruit. Years later we moved to another part of the city. Later, Dad made a visit to the old home (for some reason) and the new owner told him how much she loved the juicy grapefruit she was getting off the tree! We all had to laugh. I’m sure glad someone got to enjoy them. :) (lemons or not)

  • I spend days and days digressing. Are you saying there is another way to live?

  • Sherrie J

    I was just wondering… I’ve never seen a quince, but my grandmother used to talk of them. Now I know. Thanks for the beautiful watercolors of your lemon-like quince tree.
    I know it’s a beautiful site.

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