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Boy, it didn’t take long for Fall to creep in on little, uh, Fall feet. There is definitely a nip in the air. I feel it. So I started in on getting the backyard cats’ Winter hutch ready: you can’t see the new wooden siding I put on it, but these are the newly-cleaned sleeping bags that I use to insulate it. Later, I’ll give it its awning and I’ll wrap it all the way around in three tarps.  My genius for cold weather-proofing has kept these cats warm and cosy for three Winters already.

And I also put our Fall blanket on the bed — the lightest weight quilt that I use for these chilly September nights. Of course, Top Cat said, “Jeeze, it’s too hot for a blanket!” And I said, “Are you kidding me? It’s cold in here!”

We will continue to have this discussion regularly for the next 295 days. That is, until either June 21, 2011 or one of us gets his/her own bedroom.

Candy Corn in the stores. That’s a sign of Fall for sure. I’m not even going to lookat all the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations for sale or I’ll have get medeival on somebody’s filthy lucre ass, but I do like my candy corn.

 This is a sign of my times. I happen to love Canada mints (see above). The fact that you can never hardly find them in the drug stores and supermarkets and wherever fine candies are sold tells me that I’m one of the few people who remember them enough to crave them. It’s been four yearssince I had my last bag of Canada mints. So when I came across these in the same store that had the Brach’s candy corn I thought I’d won the lottery. I grabbed a bag. Then I went back the next day and bought three more. There were some bags still left on the shelf…I’m thinking I should go back and clean up. You never know when you’ll see them again.

Loving a candy that nobody bothers to sell any more makes me feel old.

Which brings me to the rest of my story: the reason I was out and about and being a consumer in America recently was because of my Winter Backyard Cat Hutch project. I have devised a cunning new way to tie up the down-filled sleeping bags that I use to insulate the hutch, which involved pinning the corners up to some hangars I made…it’s complicated but I assure you, very very cunning.

And I thought, The only thing I need now are some diaper pins to fasten the sleeping bags with! Oh-ho, am I clever or what?

So I got in the car and I drove to a local dry goods store. It’s the kind of store that we used to call The Five and Dime [Oh god. I'm starting to feel ancient] before they all went out of business because of Walmart. But there’s a small local store near me that’s still hanging in there and I try to shop there for as much of my dry goods as possible. [Dry Goods? Why am I talking like I'm Mamie Eisenhower?]

Lucky me, I got a good parking space right in the strip mall, right in front of the Starbucks, and it wasn’t until I got to the aisle with all the baby diapers that I was stopped dead in my tracks. I stared at a whole aisle of baby diapers. They’re all disposable. They use tape. Nobody uses diaper pins anymore.

I bought myself the candy corn and the Canada mints as a consolation.

For what, I’m not sure.

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  • Kate

    Don’t the Scots use glorified diaper pins on their kilts? Alas, I can’t say that I can direct you to a kilt store. My other suggestion for your quest would be The Vermont Country Store. Even if they don’t have diaper pins, they have some breathtaking stuff. They once had Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific, for gosh sake!

  • While in a sewing notions store recently, ( called Jo-Ann) they DO have Kilt pins! In packs of 2. $2.99
    I love Vermont store, too, but they are extremely expensive.–Expensive, that is, if you have nifty stores nearby, and don’t have to catalog order. The same things are more reasonable in a store.

    But, you cannot buy flannel sheets or Walkers fine cookies from Scotland just anywhere. Vermont CS is good.

  • Rachel

    You might need to access a more upscale shop. It is the trend amongst the green yuppies to return to cloth diapers, and they likely need diaper pins. Maybe call around before driving much of a distance, but I will bet there are diaper pins somewhere in your neck o’ the woods.

  • Marina

    my dear stepdaughter recently had a baby. They are using real cotton nappies ( diapers) for green reasons (or they are doing so at the moment). But no pins involved anymore in the system that they are using.

  • Marina

    I am just imagining how noisy it will get in the hutch when the outdoor cats are all cozied up and warm and snug in there, and purring away :-)

  • Yup, the cloth diapers I’ve seen use velcro now. Wish I would have invented velcro…or butt paste.

  • Deborah

    My first reaction to this post was not to the pin quest, but a Homer Simpson-like response of, “mmmmm CANDY CORN.” Only changing leavf color evokes “autumn” for me more than candy corn.

    But I was at a craft store (Ben Franklin) yesterday and saw a package of big safety pins in the bead section. I think the package (of maybe 20) was something like $3.99. They didn’t have the pastel plastic on the head like the old diaper pins. I didn’t pick up the package to feel the pins, so I don’t know how substantial they were. I also didn’t find what I went into the store looking for.

  • Nadine

    Did the Canada mints taste the same as the old ones?

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