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I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, Boy, that Vivian sure can wrap a hutch.

There was rain in the forecast for Sunday so even though I haven’t pinned up the sleeping bags yet, I got the hutch rain-proofed with three big-ass tarps wrapped around it (eight layers of tarp. Think that’s enough?) and then I put a big metal pan on top. I thought the cats might like to hear the sound of raindrops on the roof.

Thank you, my darling readers, for all the help with the diaper pins. I have not kept up with the nomenclature for fasteners — I hear they are called blanket pins these days ( in the best craft shops — a big thank you to the reader who is sending me a set of 6 all the way from Pennsylvania! ).

The rain started right on schedule, around 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon. At first, Taffy and Lickety thought that their hutch was just a fancy stationery umbrella.

But then Taffy figured it out (that’s the tip of his tail you see, there, disappearing through the hutch doorway).

And then Lickety got a clue.

After a while, the mama cat Candy wandered by, took a look at her boys up in the hutch, and decided to find her own perch out of the rain.

Yeah. She sat out the rain in the rhododendron tree. Sigh.¬†When I checked up on her later, she’d left the tree and had gone to her cubbie in the garage, so I could stop worrying about her spending the¬†afternoon in the rhododendron tree.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wake up in the middle of the night and hear the rain and worry. So at 3:22 this AM I went out into the backyard and counted noses:

That’s Taffy, Lickety, and Oscar from next door, high and dry.

But don’t worry; there’s still plenty of other things for me to worry about at 3:22 AM.

6 comments to Rainy day cats

  • Carol

    Vivian, where is Butter?

  • Now THAT’S AN INTERESTED CAT LADY. Butterscotch? Butter? Carol; you remembered.hmmmmm….

  • Sallyann

    I do not have feral kitties but like you I worry about my feline pals. They are allowed to go out to the garden during the day but by dusk I am rounding them up and making them come in for the night. We occasionally have a passing coon or stray cat pass through the garden after dark and I do not want my “babies” to get into a match with one of them. But as it is the way with 2 people living in the house, sometimes one of us will assume the other has gotten them in.
    So I have become the designated person to do a head check every evening, making sure all are safe and sound.
    I love what you are doing for these beautiful kitties and even though they are not “user friendly”, I am sure they appreciate all you are doing for them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Helen McHargue

    It’s a kind of cat IQ test1 Or maybe a ferality meter….the more domesticated the cat genes, the more likely they’d be to get in the hutch? Or maybe neither. I had a very smart cat once who just liked the rain. He’d go out and sit under something, but he’s rather be out in it than cooped up. I love your engineering prowess and the funny photos.

  • Nadine

    Tigers love water — I’ve seen them swim at the zoo. It’s funny that the boys ran for cover while Mama cat wasn’t scared. Or maybe she doesn’t like the sound of rain on tin.

  • I’ve tried to keep feral cats cozy (not this elaborately) but they would never get into it and make themselves at home. This was, of course after I had already adopted and found homes for all that I could handle.
    That’s a wonderful architectural marvel you’ve made for those guys.

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