The dogs that a cat person could love

Are We There Yet

If you’re a “cat person”, you know what I’m talking about. You meet somebody at a party, or you’re introduced to a new co-worker, or you get in a conversation with the guy next to you on a plane, etc.  Somehow, the fact that you have cats comes up (as in my case, when I had 9 cats living with me, friends couldn’t wait to tell new people “This is Vivian — she has NINE CATS!!!).

And the person you’re talking to looks at you funny, or takes a step backwards, or shudders. Whatever: the main thing is that some people (who are NOT “cat people”) can’t wait to tell you how much they hate cats. They say exactly that: “Oh, you have cats? I hate cats.” As if they are proud of it. As if they are stating something obvious, for your own benefit, like, “Oh, you’re a bank robber? I hate bank robbers.”  Except nobody would say that: even if you were introduced as a communist, or a hedge fund manager, or an embezzler; nobody would come out and say to your face: Oh, you’re [fill in the blank[? I hate [fill in the blank].”  It only happens if you’re a cat lover.

I’ve always wondered why people feel so free, so eager, to tell cat lovers how much they hate cats. For whatever reason (and I’m sure I’ve heard them all, by now: one scratched me when I was little; my mother had cats and none of them ever liked me; they are too sneaky; they shed; they’re dirty; etc.).  Why? Why is it necessary for people to brag about how much they hate cats? Especially if they are “dog people”?

And here’s the thing about us “cat people”: while we might focus our attention on cats when it comes to domesticated animals, but I’ve found that people who love cats also tend to love animals (including dogs)in general; while people who love dogs tend to just love dogs. That’s how it seems to me.

But I digress. This is about those puppies in the photo above: from top to bottom that’s Malcom, Angus, and Lily. These are my cousins who live in upstate New York.  Yes, in our cat-crazy family we have a lone DOG PERSON, my Aunt Emily.

I was visiting my dog people last month when I took this photo. We were all in the car, me riding shotgun and The Pawsome  in a huddle in the backseat. I took my camera and took some blind shots over my shoulder and got this picture of canine anticipation /  doggie devotion to the pack /  pure puppy love of Going Somewhere In The Car, which we call “Are We There Yet?”

My Aunt Emily has enough cat-people genes to be an all-around animal over, and she is very active in The Heart of the Catskills Animal Shelter located near her home in Delhi, New York, in the heart of, well, The Catskills. This photo, Are We There Yet?,  is available on notecards that can be purchased from the shelter (all proceeds go to animal care at this wonderful facility)

Also, the shelter is in the running for a big cash prize to be won by your vote at

Thank you.

Tomorrow’s post will make all those cat haters SICK. I’m talking cute cute cute cat pictures from the archives: meet my backyard hobos when they were KITTENS.

5 comments to The dogs that a cat person could love

  • Rachel

    I am three days home with the flu and finally well enough to visit you and catch up. This photo made my day.

  • Maryann

    I love dogs, but I love animals in general, too. :) And I love this photo! Great shot! Thanks for sharing and for your fantastic sense of humor/way with words!!

  • I love both dogs and cats. Ive owned both and have even owned them at the same time. And they even loved each other.

  • I’m a dog lover and cat lover. I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. I have in-laws (my son-in-law and his family) who will say to my face they hate dogs. We put our big dog in boarding when we go visit because she just is not allowed to go but we take the three little ones who are loved by my daughter and her children. The dogs hide out in our bedroom a lot though as they know very well they are hated by the man of the house.

    Anyhow, they seem very proud when they tell me they hate dogs. And wish all coyotes were dead and ….

  • I was a professional horse trainer in earlier years and when I would tell people what I did for a living (show and train horses) they couldn’t wait to tell me in great detail about the time they rented a horse and it ran away or did some such thing “to” them and how they would NEVER get on a horse again. Same concept as dog people telling cat people how awful cats are. Aren’t we a funny lot?!

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