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This is an illustration by Andre Carrilho in this week’s New Yorker magazine and I think it is brilliant. It’s for 5-page article about the work of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud, who wrote astonishing poetry from the age of 16 until the age of 20, when he renounced the arts all together and went into the import-export business, made a bundle, and died of cancer at age 37. This illustration shows Rimbaud trimming his coif , snipping off locks of hair that end in fanciful French words. It’s the perfect visual representation of how Rimbaud “cut short” his own literary growth — symbolic, but it’s funny, too. It made me want to read the article and believe me, I have very, very little interest in Rimbaud.

One day, I hope I’m good enough to illustrate this well. Congratulations, Andre Carrilho, for a great picture. (By the way, the article is actually worth reading, if you want to check it out in the Aug. 29 issue.)

Here’s another picture that makes me happy: 

This is from The Bedford Bulletin  (Serving All of Bedford City & County Since 1857), which I picked up when I was in Virginia last Summer. This is a front page story about how a local family-owned farm equipment business is closing its doors after 63 years in business due to the economy and competition from WalMart. Above are the sons of the business’s founder, Barry and Carl Saunders, with their trusted employee Randall Abbott. AND HIS CAT.

The cat’s name is Bullett.

Here’s another picture that makes me happy, that I found by accident on the interwebs. I forget what I was looking for — something about Argentina? Tap shoes? A recipe for vichyssoise? Whatever it was, this was a total surprise:

I am crazy jealous. Because for this little person, his kitty cat really is a domesticated tiger. Why can’t we breed 100-lb tabbies for us poor smallness-challenged folks???

I was driving home from work just this past Thursday and I noticed something that I’ve completely overlooked for the past 28 weeks that I’ve been driving down this road:

It’s a front walk way with an alle of sunflowers. I actually did a fast U-turn and pulled my car over to the side of the road, jumped out and snapped a few shots of this in a light rain (which is why it’s a bit blurry). I had to get this pic because I couldn’t be sure these fleurs would be in-tact the next time I saw them.

Because the next time I see them, it will be Apres Irene.

Because this is how Hurricane Irene looks (for now) on Long Island:

And yes, the forecast of a few days of pelting, pounding, historic, and mood-defining/all-encompassing RAIN makes me happy!  

Grab the cats, get the tea kettle ready, line up the un-read books; roll out the scone dough, hop into the comfy jammies, make sure there’s enough champagne to see you through; cue up the Sinatra records, light a few candles, decide which dance you’re going to perform when you dash out to get a drenching!

Batten down the hatches! Raise high the roof beams! Kick up your heels!

As my Cajun friends say when there’s a hurricane in the neighborhood:

Let the Good Times Roll!

Have fun this weekend, everyone — stay safe, keep your kitties dry, and if there’s a picture that makes you happy send it to me at vivianswift at yahoo dot com and we’ll make a gallery of treasured moments.

See you Monday!

9 comments to This picture makes me happy.

  • BE SAFE! And comfy. Do all your kitties come inside? Wondering how they will make out. When Wilma hit here (it was category four, dead straight hit on us) all the ferals we know of made it through fine- they have great instincts. It REALLY concerned me though since we stayed on island for the hurricane and watching a TENNIS COURT and PARKING LOT literally come unpeeled and fly away made me wonder how anything not tied down could have made it through that. But the cats were out later that afternoon, looking for their evening meal.

  • Shelley

    Wonderful photos – they make me happy too. I SO agree with you about the 100 lb. tabbies! If they ever figure out how to do that, I want a couple of them…then I’ll take them to the beach and the park and other people’s houses…and watch all the dog lovers have a fit! I’m sure they would want to be lap cats too.

    I hope you are all battened down and cozy with your champagne and candles and kitties, and that you aren’t in the evacuation zone. Keep us posted (if you have power), ok?!

  • Mary

    Can’t wait to hear how you saved the furries. Tell us how you did it.

    I’ve been watching minute by minute details of Irene, and she went to cat ONE before she even hit land in North Carolina.
    We get sucked in every time.

    Like the snow blizzards we’re going to get all winter, and they wind up being 2 inches. Philadelphia does that to us.

    I hope this is not as bad as they’ve made it sound.
    Looking forward to your blog Monday.

  • JOAN

    I think the media hype these storms up as much as possible. Gov’ts have to cover their butts so they evacuate people. But on the other hand, I’d rather be safe than sorry, so would willingly get out of Dodge. I’m a great respecter of Mother Nature…she doesn’t like to be messed with.

    Vivian: aren’t you located on the east side of Long Island? That’s were they say Irene is heading. Yikes.

    Please let us know how you are if you’re able.

  • Rachel

    Hoping all is battened down at Chez Chat and that you come thought with flying colors. Which I think means with your flag still flying. I have been through all of the hurricanes I think I need in this lifetime. We have not had them in San Diego, although we get the humidity from pacific storms. But then we do have earthquakes. Whoops, now you do too. Mother Nature is sending a message. Anyone listening?

  • Deborah

    One good thing that came from Katrina was the recognition that pets had to be accomodated in an evacuation. I saw that MTA was allowing dogs on leashes and cats in carriers to be on the transportation (before it shut down).

    Although the measures taken might seem extreme in retrospect, it seems good to practice the procedures. Even category 1 can do a lot of damage.

    We had 70 mph winds here in Indiana a couple of weeks ago — the storm that collapsed the stage, which killed people. It did a fair amount of damage to trees and property (including ours), too.

    Hoping you’re ok.

  • Nadine

    I was busy preparing for Hurricane Irene since Thurs so I missed this post on Friday. Thank you. This is the tonic I needed on Monday after a calamitous weekend — my house was hit by a falling tree and there’s damage, all from Irene.

    Gosh, I would LOVE to dance with a cat like the little person. I like to think they’re in Paris.

  • Mary Martin

    Oh gee, I hope you are okay. We’ve just got power back after almost three days of outages. We have 15 trees down in the back of our property, but fortunately no damage or flooding to the house except for water in the basement. If you are without power my heart is with you because that isn’t any fun at all! Oh, and we had a 5.8 earthquake two days before the hurricane, too. Never a dull moment here!

  • Was very happy to hear most of the NY area came away relatively whole from Hurricane Irene. Remember a similar scenario with Floyd in 1999 when I still lived in Hoboken.
    Thanks for you amusing post with that great picture of the small man and the big cat and the other treasures you found for us. Be careful not to make your post too, too jammie, yummy or cosini.

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